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Criminology & CSI courses

Every thought what it would be like to work as a Criminologist, Crime Scene Investigator or Criminal Psychologist?

Criminology, and CSI Crime Scene Investigation courses have grown in popularity with the introduction of popular crime scene and CSI books and TV series. Many people have a popular interest, others wish to work in this fascinating and highly specialised area.

CMI offer three fascinating courses in Crime Scene Investigation, Criminology and Forensic Science.

For serious CSI students who wish to work in crime scene investigation or progress to a degree, the Advanced Diploma in Crime Scene Investigation & Forensic Science is essential. The course is endorsed and recognised by the world renowned
Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences CSFC (UK). There is no strict entry criteria and students can progress direct to this course without having to do the diploma.  For more information see below:

CSI & Forensic Science Advanced Diploma 

To get a foundation overview of both of the CSI & Criminology disciplines, the CSI & Criminology Diploma is an excellent entry level course. The course is delivered by experts and very popular as it covers key areas of processing a crime scene as well as the study of criminal law. This course leads to a FETAC award in Criminology and CMI Diploma in CSI and Criminology. For more information see below:

CSI & Criminology Diploma

Forensic Psychology Courses 

Forensic Psychologists offers valuable information to the police investigating a crime which can prove very useful in tracking the offender. Criminal Forensic Psychology is a fascinating study of the causes of why individuals commit crime and examines the profile of the type of people who have committed various crimes. Areas covers include investigative psychology, scene analysis, racial profiling, role of forensic psychologists, geographical profiling and mapping, competencies of criminal suspects and risk assessment instruments, and psychological competence.

During the course you will quickly learn the skills of criminal profiling, using numerous case studies from real life crimes and investigations. From vandalism, and ant-social behaviour, through to the most serious of crimes such as murder and terrorism, the course will show how psychology can help us identify the offender. Here is details on our popular Forensic Psychology Diploma:

Forensic Psychology Diploma 


Jobs and Careers in Criminology, CSI and Forensic Psychology

Graduates of the Criminology, CSI, and Forensic Psychology Diploma courses can progress on to FOUR distinct careers:


LAW: Graduates will gain entry to study Law and after completing an LLB will gain employment as Barristers and lawyers specialising in crime related cases. Further study will be required to become a qualified lawyer or a barrister after completing the CMI course.

Crime Scene investigation is a specialised profession. In many jurisdictions such as the USA and UK this service is offered by civilians who are hired by the various police services to provide help on a crime scene. In Ireland, only members of the Garda Siochana can apply within their ranks to specialist Crime scene units. There are career opportunities but they are more limited than the other jobs mentioned above and below.

FORENSIC SCIENCE: CSI Crime Scene Investigation graduates can get jobs in forensic science laboratories around the world as civilian specialists analysing, diagnosing and interpreting evidence to contribute to Case Reports and analysis. Forensic scientists dig deeper and help police make the connections using forensic science techniques and tools. 

 Forensic Psychology course graduates will go on to work as criminal psychology specialists hired by police forces around the world to help profile repeat offenders and new offenders and work closely with the Police in each country to help solve crimes.