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Effective Sales Management

About the Course

The Irish economy is continuing to enjoy growth and this has led to an increase in recruitment of sales staff and sales managers. Sales staff need to be well managed, coached and encouraged to meet their targets and increase their performance. Without mentoring, sales teams lack the support they require to achieve their potential.
As markets become increasingly competitive, there is more emphasis on managing sales operations and sales personnel than ever before.
The Sales Management Skills one day programme provides a unique opportunity to learn and develop the key skills required to be an excellent sales manager. To get better performance from your sales team starts with knowing their key skills, strengths and weaknesses.
You can only manage each member of the team more effectively when you understand the obstacles and areas that are preventing them from reaching their sales targets. If your Sales team has completed a CMI Professional Sales training course, then full feedback will be provided to you on areas where each staff member needs further work.
This is an invaluable exercise as you will be brought through the stages of developing your sales team so that individually and collectively they achieve better results. As a Sales Manager you are expected to be a good coach, mentor and manager of your sales team. What style of managing do you adopt? What way do you mentor individual sales team members? How do you hold Sales meetings?  What ways can you do it better?

Course Aims & Objectives

The one day course provides you with the basic skills and techniques necessary to be a more effective Sales Manager. Ways to manage the sales force more effectively are explored as well as areas such as motivation, delegating and putting together and communicating an effective sales strategy. Other areas such as monitoring and assessing individuals team members, holding meetings as well as communication skills is explored.


Successful sales managers achieve their objectives by developing flexibility within their sales team and inspiring team members to have confidence in themselves and in each other.  We use questionnaires, instruction sessions, case studies and practical exercises to equip you with the skills you need to help each member of your team to fulfill their maximum potential.  You’ll also have the opportunity to exchange tips and ideas with the trainer.

You won’t be judged by the trainer but you will be offered lots of opportunities to assess your own strengths and weaknesses, individual sales team strengths and weaknesses. You’ll learn how to manage the performance of your sales team more effectively by matching your management style more closely to their needs. The principal method of learning is through role play, exercises and applying concepts to real world situations. The one and two day programme looks at ways you can refresh existing sales management techniques and also apply new workable techniques to your working day.

Duration and Cost

The cost of one to one training for one person is 690.00 Euro The course can be run for three or more persons from one organisations for 490 per person.

Scheduled Dates 2013/2014

Dec 2013, March, May, June, Aug, Nov, 2014