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Freight Transport Level 5 Course                          


Freight Transport Course Overview


The Freight Transport level 5 course is a specialized  course which covers the key concepts of freight management. Designed for professionals with medium level experience, this course is also suited to  entry level executives who wish to move into this specialised  growing area.  Important niche areas such as Air Freight, Sea Freight. Agile ports and road transport. All aspects of Multi-modal transportation are covered.

This  level 5 UK qualification (which is broadly equivalent to a level 7 in republic of Ireland) is awarded by the international IOSCM - Institute of Supply Chain Management.  The IOSCM represents the interests of the supply chain management profession across the globe and are internationally recognised to the highest standards. IOSCM qualifications are recognised by the highest educational bodies in the UK such as Ofqual and Sfedi.

This level 5 Freight Transport course is designed to allow you direct entry to the Ports & Shipping Management Diploma or the Managing the Supply Chain level 6 Diploma course . The course  is ideal for freight and transport personnel working in air, land or sea transport and movement of goods.  Despite the downturn, qualified freight forwarding and management professionals are in short supply and graduates are in a strong position to gain work or promotion in this niche area.



Freight Transport Course Aims

This aim of the Freight Transport course is to provide you with the latest knowledge, skills and competence to effectively manage all areas of freight movement from land, sea and air.  Students will gain an understanding of the mulimodal approaches to transportation from both a local and international perspective.

The course examines air freight forwarding, cargo procedures, and documentation for transhipment between gateway airports, conditions of contract and airway bills. It address the use of aircraft load devices and air cargo claims procedures .  Sea freight is explored with a focus on  handling procedures. The process of shipping overseas, classificaton systems and interchange between nations, regionally and internationally is covered.

The course covers 1 mandatory modules ;  International Freight Management  (10 credits) 



Freight Transport - Level 5 - Course - Download Brochure

IOSCM Membership Benefits 

All students of the course will receive one years FREE IOSCM student membership which includes:

  • Access to latest Careers & Jobs in Supply Chain
  • CV Writing Advice
  • Members directory for contacts with like minded professionals
  • E Magazine regularly sent to your inbox
  • Resource Library of Videos and Blogs


Many graduates of this level 5 course progress directly to the IOSCM  level 6 Diploma in Managing the Supply Chain offered by CMI.  Students enter into careers and promotion in;  Large and small organisations discharged with a freight and transport function. 



Award:  Freight Transport

Level:  5  Ofqual (broadly equivalent to level 7 in Republic of Ireland)

Award Body:  IOSCM - Institute of Supply Chain Management





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