ICM withdrew their Ofqual accreditation but awards still offered

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ICM withdrew and surrendered ALL its Ofqual regulated courses almost two years ago in 2015, but colleges still offer these ICM awards in Ireland and abroad.

Any award ICM Institute of Commercial Management issued after the 2 October 2015 date are not recognised by Ofqual.  Awards issued prior to this date by ICM were recognised by Ofqual and as they were recognised then, they continue to be. This withdrawal by ICM of their Ofqual recognition applies to students receiving awards after this date.

Their are hundreds of thousands of students who have received ICM awards after October 2015.

Two years on, in 2017 in Ireland and Dublin, there are at least 3 large and 1 smaller educational college who continue to offer these 'bogus non regulated awards'.   But this isn't isolated to Ireland and according to ICM who promote they have up to 500 approved centres there are many colleges worldwide particularly Africa, who are unaware of the validity of the ICM award and essentially put their trust in the college they enroll in.

Students thinking of doing any course with any college in Ireland or United Kingdom or Worldwide that offers ICM Institute of Commercial Management awards should think twice. The rule 'caveat emptor' prevails. Students considering any courses in colleges with an ICM award are effectively getting a 'useless piece of paper' which are not recognised under any framework of qualifications. This could have an impact on their future ambitions to progress to the next higher level of qualification, only to discover their award is not recognised.

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