CSI & Forensic Science Advanced Diploma

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    Crime Scene Investigation & Forensic Science Courses

    5 star reviews    'A brilliant course, from start to finish, nothing like it available in Ireland. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to see the practical side of crime scenes, to do this course. Great mock scenes and the trial was a fantastic experience'  Peter Creedon - More Reviews

    The Advanced Diploma in Crime Scene Investigation & Forensic Science is endorsed and recognised by the world renowned Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. This was the first course of its kind in Ireland to be recognised by the society.

    The CSI Crime Scene investigation advanced diploma course examines the entire process of conducting forensic science from the collection of evidence at the crime scene, through the examination of that evidence, to the presentation of how the evidence is processed.

    Course Aims

    The CSI Crime Scene Investigation part of the course examines the preservation, documentation and collection of evidence at the crime scene. You will learn how to approach the crime scene, package the evidence and the documentation required. You will learn crime scene investigation methods including examining trace evidence, impressions, Body Fluids, DNA, questioned documents, and fingerprints are examined as well as the investigation of a fire scene and firearms.

    The life of a real Crime Scene Investigator is examined as well as methods and procedures used in attending crime scenes.  Students will be trained how to use a Forensic CSI Kits which will include:  Protective Clothing, CSI Tape to preserve crime scene, Evidence bags, Cards, Swabs and finger print powder. Each student will then be required to attend a mock crime scene and collect evidence. 

    Presenting Evidence

    You will have an opportunity to present the evidence in a staged trial at the Criminal courts with real acting barristers. This is as real as it gets.


    You will be assessed on how you processed a mock crime scene, on how you collected  and recorded evidence.

    Experienced CSI Practitioners

    You will learn crime scene investigation methods and procedures and will be trained by professionals who work and have worked previously as Crime scene managers and similar type roles with An Garda Siochana. Lecturers are highly qualified and  have a life time of experience in this area.

    Criteria: Entry level students are advised to start with the CSI & Criminology Diploma

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    Award body: CSFS_logo
    Case study, Crime scene Analysis and report, Court room presentation, Exam

    Award: CSI Crime Scene Investigation & Forensic Science Advanced Diploma
    Joint Award :  Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences & CMI

    Career opportunities in  An Garda Siochana, Police Service of Northern Ireland and Metropolitan Police in the UK. Specialist roles in the Welfare Service, Forensic Science Laboratories, Psychologists/Counselors . Education progression to Ordinary level 7 Degrees in Law, Social work, Biological Sciences, Sociology. 
  • Modules

    1. Introduction to Forensic Science
    2. Crime Scene Types & The Crime Scene
    3. Trace and Contact Evidence: fibres, glass, hairs, paint and soil
    4. Impressions: Footwear marks, instrument marks, glove marks and tyres, fingerprints
    5. Body Fluids Examination, Tests, BPA
    6. Analysis of DNA: DNA Profiling
    7. Questioned Documents
    8. Drugs of Abuse & Forensic Toxicology
    9. Forensic Pathology & Forensic Human Identification
    10. The investigation of a fire scene
    11. Firearms
    12. Explosions & Explosives
    13. Attend Mock Crime Scene- Collect Evidence
    14. Forensic Science in Court – Part 1 & 2
    15. Attend Court & Present Statement
    16. Forensic Strategy & Crime Scene Management
  • Fees

    Classroom course is € 1950.00 .

    Includes all tuition, registration, assessment and online notes.

    Applicants are required to pay a minimum deposit of €300 to secure a place on the programme. The balance of fees are due on or before programme commencement.

    See CMI Terms & Conditions for booking.

    How do I book

    Simply complete the online booking form  .

    Pay a 300 euro deposit online via Visa debit or Visa credit card

    Your place on the course is confirmed within 2-3 days of receipt of online booking/payment.

    Balance of payment is required before commencement of course.

    Online Bookings and payments are subject to CMI Terms & Conditions.

Course timetable

  • Classroom

    • Start: Tuesday 10 OCTOBER 2017: 18.30-21.30
    • End: APRIL 2018
    • Assigments:
    • Duration: 2 x 10 Week Terms
    • Level: Advanced Diploma
    • Places: Limited


Michael Moore
Michael Moore is currently a Detective Inspector in An Garda Siochanna and head of the Document & Handwriting Examination Section in the Garda Technical Bureau. He has been a Forensic Document examiner for over 20 years and has given evidence in many court cases during this time as an expert witness. He is also the Quality Manager for the Garda Technical Bureau which includes The Garda Fingerprint Section, Ballistics Section, Forensic LIaison Office, Garda Mapping Section and the Garda Photographic Ssection, and is a certified quality auditor and technical assessor.

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