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Production Management Course Overview


The Production Management Diploma course is very comprehensive and covers the key areas of production planning and management and its function within the supply chain. This production and manufacturing course is designed for people from a variety of backgrounds who wish to upskill and gain an internationally recognised qualification.  

According the the IDA,   'the future of manufacturing in Ireland is in the  high-value manufacturing sector'.  Despite the downturn, qualified production and manufacturing managers are in demand, particularly in strong growth areas such as IT, Pharmaceutical, Medical technology, Biotechnology, semiconductor facilities and so on. Graduates of this course are in a strong position to capitalise on career opportunities.



It is the  role of the Production manager to plan on how to make the best use of employees time and skills, material resources, in order to increase the efficiency of production. This course will  make sure you learn new techniques to achieve that. The nature of the work of a Production manager varies according to their particular industry and important areas  such as  quality control, working  closely with heads of sales, procurement and logistics guarantees success in the role. If you wish to improve your knowledge and skills in the production planning cycle, sales planning and forecasting techniques then this course is for you.



Many production managers have shopfloor responsibilities and office based duties. The link between shop floor managers and senior management is essential so that the smooth running of the production line is carried out. This Production Management diploma course will ensure you know how to be an effective Production manager. 



The Production Management Diploma level 5 course is designed to allow you direct entry to the Managing the Supply Chain Diploma level 6 course .   This  level 5 UK qualification (which is broadly equivalent to a level 7 in republic of Ireland)  is awarded by the international IOSCM - Institute of Supply Chain Management.  The IOSCM represents the interests of the supply chain management profession across the globe and are internationally recognised to the highest standards. IOSCM qualifications are recognised by the highest educational bodies in the UK such as Ofqual and Sfedi



Course Aims

This aim of the Production Management and Manufacturing Diploma course is to provide you with the latest knowledge, skills and competence to effectively manage all areas of production from operations to inventory to quality management and supply. 

The Production Management Diploma course covers 4 mandatory modules ;  

1. Production Management  (10 credits), 

2. Operations Management  (10 credits),  

3. Inventory  (10 credits), 

4. Quality Management  (10 credits). 

1. Production Management: Production Planning within a supply chain environment, inter-relationship between sales planning and forecasting, Master Scheduling and Basic scheduling concepts, Control systems and measures to improve performance.

2. Operations Management: Design of operations processes, link between operations management and strategic planning. Operation improvement techniques.

3. Inventory:  looks at how stock can be best allocated within a distribution network and most importantly,  examines the cost of holding stock .  You will learn how to develop strategies to increase operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Procedures for monitoring the performance of inventory control systems are addressed. Fixed period and fixed models of inventory control are examined.

4. Quality Management: Quality management systems for business are evaluated, tools and techniques to manage quality, tools and techniques to manage performance examined.


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IOSCM Membership Benefits 

All students of the course will receive one years FREE IOSCM student membership which includes:

  • Access to latest Careers & Jobs in Supply Chain
  • CV Writing Advice
  • Members directory for contacts with like minded professionals
  • E Magazine regularly sent to your inbox
  • Resource Library of Videos and Blogs




Award:  Production Management Diploma

Level:  5  Ofqual (broadly equivalent to level 7 in Republic of Ireland)

Award Body:  IOSCM - Institute of Supply Chain Management




Progression & Jobs

Many graduates of this level 5 course progress directly to the IOSCM  level 6 Diploma in Managing the Supply Chain offered by CMI.  

Graduates can find a variety of jobs in manufacturing including quality, finance, production, human resources, research and design.  Jobs from this course include: Manufacturing Managers, Production Managers, Stock Control executives; Warehouse manager, Manufacturing operatives, Materials managers. 

Production Management diploma

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