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Terms & Conditions

Everything you need to know about our terms

1. Steps to Booking

1.1 Complete Personal Details - All mandatory fields on the Online Booking form to be completed and press submit information at bottom of the Book Online webpage. you will receive an immediate email of details inserted on the booking form.

1.2 Chose Payment Option - A payment is required to secure the booking. There is the option of the following:

  • A) Pay 300euro deposit online - Choosing this option you will be required to submit your VISA, Debit Card or Laser Card details online. This is a secured online payment facility offered by Realex International Payments provider. Once the deposit is received Admissions will process your booking.
  • B) Pay in Full Online - chose this option and submit online your visa or laser card details. Your booking will be immediately processed by admissions as a priority. Whatever course you choose on the booking form, the advertised fee will be deducted from your visa or laser.
  • C) Forward Payment - this option is not available internationally but within Republic of Ireland only. Bookings are not confirmed until payment by cheque or bank transfer has been received. If you are getting the course sponsored, a minimum of a deposit is required to secure your place which will be fully refunded after sponsor payment has been received. Check with CMI Accounts to see whether your employer paid and to receive invoice/receipt
  • D) Pay Fees - after paying Booking Deposit - CMI allow you to pay the balance of your course fees either by making an online payment or by Calling and they will process your payment over the phone- To Pay online - PAY FEES
  • E) Course Fees Payable in Advance - All course fees are payable in advance. The deposit is deducted from the overall course fee and the balance of payment is required before start date of course.

1.3. Admissions
Admissions will confirm your place, usually within 2- 3 days of receipt of your booking. All course booking information is reviewed against eligibility criteria by Admissions. You will also receive written notification from admissions within 7 working days of receipt of your application. Any applicant not eligible will have their deposit or full payment immediately refunded. CMI reserve the right to refuse an applicants place if they do not satisfy the eligibility criteria for their chosen course.

1.4 Course Fees
The Current Fee for any course at any given time is displayed in the CMI Website. CMI reserves the right to increase or decrease fees accordingly. The Course Fee must be in paid FULL before commencement of ALL CMI courses. The deposit is deducted from the overall course fee. The balance of payment is required before or on start date of course before commencement of classes. Applicants will be refused entry to a course, where payment in FULL has not been received.

Course fees include extensive course handouts which are made available online each week. Where total course fees are subject to a limited special offer, it is the responsibility of the applicant to inform CMI, at time of booking, they wish to take up the offer, otherwise no deduction will be made.

1.5 Methods of Payment: Visa, Debit & Laser Card payment is accepted online and also over the phone. Cash, Cheques, Bank transfer is accepted as alternative means to VISA or LASER payment, in which case you must inform CMI accounts office in advance. To Pay online .

1.6 Cancellations & Course Refunds
Students must notify CMI in writing if they decide not to do the course they have booked or decide to leave the course for whatever reason. 

If you decide not to do your chosen course within the first 14 days pf course commencement, the deposit, course fee and exam fees paid are NON refundable.  Course cancellations are non refundable.

1.7  Withdrawal
Participants who withdraw from the course for whatever reason remain liable for full course fees.

For students who leave the course within the first 7 days of course commencement, a credit will remain in your account to be offset against any other CMI course for up to one year from the date of booking.

Students who leave the course after the first 7 days of the course are entitled to no refund or no credit against the fee paid.

1.8 Deferral
Students who pay for a course and do not do the course at the scheduled date, are allowed to defer the course for up to 6 months from original booking date, provided this course is being offered again by CMI. CMI, does not take responsibility if the same course is no longer offered. CMI reserves the right to refuse a deferral request.

Students deferring a semester or semesters for whatever reason, will be required to pay an admin fee to CMI. Students deferring semesters are also liable to pay additional award body exam and registration deferral fees in addition to the standard CMI admin fee.

Students unable to do a CMI course due to sickness or serious personal circumstances can defer their course for up to 6 months, only if the same course is being offered by CMI. If the original course is no longer offered by CMI, the institute is excluded from any responsibility to make arrangements for the student or students to complete their course. For courses that are definitely scheduled to take place within 12 months, a medical certificate submitted to CMI will be required to defer the same course. No refunds are permitted on students unable to attend a course due to sickness. If a student withdraws temporarily from a course additional deferral fees will apply provided the original enrolled course is still offered by CMI.

1.9 Employer Sponsorship
Even if an employer is sponsoring you, a deposit to accompany your online booking is still required. Once full fee payment has been received by your sponsor, the deposit will be refunded.
To be approved for employer sponsorship, please include the information on the person authorising payment within your organisation to be inserted on the online booking form. Please note late payment from employer sponsors or organisations funding the course, will result in an applicant not being allowed to start the course or continue with the course.

1.10 Exams
All exam dates are provided to you by CMI at the start of your course. If due to exceptional circumstances you are unable to attend an examination or series of exams, then you are obliged to inform CMI in writing within 2 weeks of starting a term. Special exam sittings may be arranged suject to the award body conditions and at the next available date. Special sitting exams that take place are charged a fee. Students who dont complete the deferred exam(s) within 18 months of course booking, will not be permitted to complete the course unless they re-do the complete course.

Failure to inform CMI at the start of a term within 2 weeks of start date will mean a charge will be incurred per special exam sitting arranged. If CMI must re-register you for a deferred exam with the awarding body an additional fee in addition to the special sitting fee will apply.
Exceptional circumstances can involve being physically unable to complete the exam. In this case a doctors note must be provided as evidence.

1.11 Rechecks
If you wish for a recheck , the cost will depend on the awarding body. Please consult CMI for correct fee. Generally marks should be no more than 3-5 marks off a pass for it to be worth your while getting a recheck. A strict timeline applies to re-checks and students must notify CMI within 10 days of receiving results.

1.12 Installment Plan
Installment arrangements are only available for unemployed persons. Documentary evidence is to be scanned and emailed to CMI as proof of unemployed/job seeker status or part-time worker status.

Typical installment plan

  • A. Pay 300 deposit
  • B. 50% of fee by start date of course.
  • C. Balance of fee within 8 weeks of start date.

The installment plan requires you to pay the deposit, plus the 1st installment which amounts to 50% of course fee, prior to start of course. The 2nd installment of 50% of remaining fee must be paid within 8 weeks of the course start date.Unemployed persons must provide a letter from the Dept of Social Protection as evidence of them claiming unemployment benefit. Non-EU International students must pay course fees in full and no installment plan is offered.

Course value to exceed 1500euro. Installment plans are only offered on Diploma courses that exceed 1,500euro in value only and where the course has 2 or more semesters. If the course does not satisfy the minimum value of 1500euro or does not have 2 or more semesters then NO installment plan can be offered.

CMI do not guarantee that applicants will receive an installment plan. Any agreed plan must be agreed in writing between CMI and student.

Late Payment: Any late payments to any agreed installment dates will not be accepted and a student will have to forfeit their place on the course. CMI reserves the right to cease a students place on a course as a result of non-payment or late payment to an agreed installment plan.

1.13 Special Needs Requirements
CMI offers access to Cmi courses to students with dyslexia, special needs/ and or disabilities. On the booking form, it is important that new applicants indicate if they have special needs and what those needs are. In some cases, documentary evidence such as a doctors note may be required indicating what the impairment is.  CMI can make additional arrangements upon request, by means of a Scribe or offer a separate room with invigilator. Requests for a scribe or separate exam room and invigilator are an additional service and an additional fee applies to the standard course fees. In most cases, students with special needs maybe accepted 30 minutes additional exam time or use of a laptop at no extra charge. 

2 Our Liability to You

2.1 .The exclusions and limitations of liability contained in these Terms do not apply to: Any loss or damage resulting from death or personal injury caused by our negligence; Loss or damages arising from our fraudulent misrepresentation; or Any other losses which may not be excluded or limited by law.

2.2. To maintain a high standard of professionalism, CMI reserves the right to change or alter any parts or sub-parts of the course on offer, including prices, location, content, semesters and terms and conditions of application.

The Institute will notify students at the earliest possible opportunity where changes do occur. While every effort is made to ensure accuracy, responsibility is disclaimed for any error or omission on this website.

CMI reserves the right to amend or change the details contained in this web site. CMI reserve the right to reschedule the timing or start date of a course or a semester and can postpone a course(s) due to an event or events (s) beyond our reasonable control.

This includes (but is not limited to) events such as lecturers unfit to attend class, insufficient students numbers to run the course, and extreme weather conditions such as fire, flood, storm, strikes or other industrial action, failure of telecommunications services, war, riot, or the actions of any government or public body.

In the event CMI are prevented from providing the services by such an event(s), we will take all reasonable steps to reinstate the provision of the services to you, as soon as is reasonably possible. Where CMI has had to postpone a course, no refund will be provided and reasonable steps will be made to find the next available start date.

2.3 Where every effort is made by CMI to provide accurate information, it is ultimately the responsibility of student applicants to verify the accuracy of the information presented to them prior to starting the course.

2.4. In no event shall CMI be responsible to you for any loss of profit, loss of earnings, loss of anticipated savings, loss of revenue or loss of goodwill that you may suffer. Furthermore, in no event shall we be liable to you for any indirect or consequential loss that you may suffer.

2.5. CMI are not responsible to you for any data that you lose either (a) as a result of accessing the Course Materials; or (b) during completion of any course. It is your responsibility to ensure that you regularly save and back up (i) all data which you hold on the computer from which you are accessing the course materials, and (ii) all data that you produce when completing the course.

2.6. Students will only have access to online course notes during term time. (Once assessment deadlines are complete access will no longer be available). It is the responsibility of students to store/print notes if they miss an assessment and it is ageed with CMI to at a later date.

2.7 Students who are unable to complete a course within the normal scheduled time frame will not be permitted to continue and finish the course at CMI unless it has been agreed in writing between CMI and the student to make alternative arrangements. CMI at its discretion will decide whether it is possible to offer the student a deferral. See section 1.8 on deferral above.

2.8  It is the responsibility of every student to check whether the qualification(s) they intend to do with CMI will allow them to progress to a higher level qualification at another educational institute prior to pursuing their chosen course with CMI. Ultimately it is the admissions department of a third level institute to decide on the merit of the qualification and whether it is valid to allow that student to enter the programme they have applied to with that same institution. CMI are not liable or responsible for students who fail to progress to their chosen course to a university or third level institute on the basis of the qualification they received from CMI.  

2.9 Awards that are regulated from Ofqual and come from England are set at a particular level in that country. CMI states that a qualification at a certain level in England is 'broadly equivalent' to a certain level in Ireland as a guideline only. Ultimately the decision rests with the university/third level institute as to the eligibility of the applicant based on qualification, credits and work experience. As stated in section 2.8, CMI are not liable or responsible for students who fail to progress to their chosen course to a university or third level institute on the basis of the qualification they receive from CMI.  


3 Assignments & Projects

CMI reserve the right to refuse late submission of assignments. Students will be penalised and their name will not be put forward for an award if assignments are submitted late. All Assignments and Projects must be clearly bound and state the name of course, name of students, name of project.assignments and date of submission.
All Assignments and projects are corrected and results notified to students up to 12 weeks from date of receipt of same.

3.1 Awards: It is your responsibility to notify CMI of any change of address. Any changes of address must be sent to CMI by email/in writing prior to completion of your your course. Any students who did not receive an award will be required to pay a charge to cover the cost of re-issuing the award.

3.2. CMI will send out awards/certificates within a reasonable time-frame. Results are sent at the same time. Requests for early release of results will not be met.

3.3 School Facilities. No eating/drinking in classrooms is permitted and students are expected to leave the classroom in a tidy state after use.

4. Your Use of the Course Materials

4.1. In consideration of receipt by us of the course fee, we grant to you a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for you to use the Course Materials for the sole purpose of non-commercial home or work use.

4.2. Save as expressly set out in these Terms, you may not modify, copy, reproduce, re-publish, upload, post, transmit or distribute in any way any of the Course Materials. Any use of the Course Materials not expressly permitted in these Terms is strictly prohibited and will constitute an infringement of our copyright or our other intellectual property rights, and / or the copyright or other intellectual property rights of our licensors.

4.3 CMI reserve the right to alter the format delivery of classroom courses to online live classes where insufficient numbers of students are attending class.

5. Legal Action

In the event of legal action, the prospect of a students (s) receiving an Award or Awards will automatically be frozen until the outcome of the legal proceedings have been finalised. Any legal action will be vigourously defended by Communications Management Institute Ltd.

5.1. Complaints
In the event that you are unsatisfied with any aspect of the services offered by CMI, notice in writing must be made within 2 weeks of the issue arising. Please email CMI or write directly to Complaints CMI and their address. Click here for address. All complaints are addressed promptly.

6. General

6.1 These Terms are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with Irish law. Any dispute arising between us under or in connection with these Terms shall be subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Irish courts.

6.2 These Terms constitute the entire agreement between us in relation to the provision by us to you of the Services offered, and they replace and supersede any prior arrangements between us in relation to the Services. You acknowledge that you are not relying on any statement made by us or any of our representatives with regard to the Services other than those expressly set out in these Terms . As stated earlier, nothing in these Terms or Conditions shall exclude or restrict our liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation.

7.0 Privacy Policy

Who we are

Communications & Management Institute also referred to as 'CMI' is a limited company incorporated in Ireland with company registration number 9574264S. Our registered office address is Unit 14A Cashel Business Centre, Cashel road, Dublin 12, Ireland.

Privacy Statement

This is a statement of the practices of CMI (the "Institute") in connection with the capture of personal data on this website (that is all web pages within the domain name) and the steps taken by the institute to respect your privacy. 

GDPR compliance

Depending on your relationship with CMI, we will be what’s known under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (the “GDPR”) as either the “controller” and/or “processor” of the personal data provided by you to CMI.

Where you interact directly with our website, CMI is both the controller and the processor of your data within the meaning of the GDPR. The General Data Protection Regulations 2018 introduced on 25th May 2018, is one single set of data protection rules that applies throughout the EU. It provides you, referred to as the ''data subject'', better protection over your personal data. CMI is a data processor and data controller for the most part, except on linked websites which are required to have their own GDPR privacy policy in place.

Your personal data can include basic information you provide on CMI's website/or over the phone such as Personal details like email and phone number.

Your personal data can also include more detailed information you provide on CMI's website/or over the phone on the course Apply page , such as; Full Name and address, date of birth, PPS number, past qualifications and experience etc.

7.1 Opt-in - Consent
To make an enquiry or application, you (the data subject) must complete data fields such as personal name, email and contact number and explicitly agree to CMI's Terms and Privacy Policy. You opt-in to consent to receiving news and course updates in the future. The Opt-in consent is recorded on all relevant data collection points; CMI's Outlook email, Mailchimp, Sendmode and aGora CRM.

The information you provided will be retained securely on a server/computer and will not be sold to any third party. The data collected may be used to contact you for future promotions or offers on academic programmes. In the event of a completed course application, our data will be used exclusively for processing your application, holding results and registration with the appropriate awarding body.  Your personal data will be retained indefinitely, after your programme is completed unless you instruct otherwise. See 7.4 deletion of personal data. 

Data subjects who opt-out of either email or SMS communication will not receive any further marketing communication. An opt-out is non-reversable. Email opt-out is controlled by Mailchimp. SMS opt-out is controlled by sendmode .

The Sendmode website allows data subjects to freely delete their mobile phone number from the opt-out list. Data subjects can also email . Another option is ''Freetext STOP to 50015 to opt-out'' of SMS texts from Sendmode.

7.2 External Services used by CMI

CMI uses external services which are GDPR compliant within the EU.  CMI is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of other websites which may be accessed through the CMI website or linked to the CMI website. It is institute policy to identify clearly, links to external websites and it is your responsibility to satisfy yourself as to the adequacy of the practices of linked sites.

MailChimp is our marketing automation platform. At all times, any marketing communication from CMI through this platform will allow you the option to unsubscribe. We acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to MailChimp for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and Terms.

Sendmode is our webtext automation platform. At all times, any communication from CMI through this platform will allow you the option to unsubscribe. The Opt-out facility explicitly records consent. We acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to Sendmode for processing in accordance with their Privacy policy and Terms.

Zendesk is our online chat automation platform. Zendesk ensures transparent communication with data subjects regarding the processing of their personal data and ensures data subjects are notified of their rights under the GDPR. Zendesk Chat customers can delete profile information for Chat Agents. We acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to Zendesk for processing in accordance with their Master Subscription AgreementPrivacy Policy, and supporting policies . Their registered office address in Ireland is Dartmouth House,1 Grand Parade, Dublin 6, D06 R9X8.

Global Payments
formerly ''Realex Payments'' is our online payment platform. Their registered office address is The Observatory 7/11 Sir John Rogerson Quay Dublin 2. We acknowledge that the information you provide will be transferred to Global /Realex Payments for processing in accordance with their Privacy Policy and terms.

aGora erp our cloud based CRM stores your data in a safe and secure server. aGora maintains the server, which is hosted on a last generation Data Center, which guarantees the maximum reliability and safety to your data. Their registered office address is aGora, Avda Espronceda, 6A Entlo Castellón, Spain. We acknowledge that the information you provide will be held on the aGora CRM secure server in accordance with their Privacy Policy and terms.

External awarding bodies accredit many course programmes offered by CMI. Award bodies are also referred to as 'data controllers'. CMI partner with Awarding bodies such as QQI Quality & Qualifications Ireland, CIPS, Athe, and BSC who require your personal data to process your registration, assessment mark(s) and issue of your final award qualification. We acknowledge that the information you provide to CMI will be transferred to the relevant awarding body and held on a secure server in accordance with their Privacy Policy and terms.

Google is an online search engine and state they are GDPR compliant. CMI's google account
collects information about views and interactions with ads so that Google can provide aggregated reports to an advertiser like CMI. Their search engine collects unique identifiers, browser type and settings, device type and settings, operating system, mobile information, IP address, system activity, and the date, time and referral URL's . See the Google privacy policy stating compliance.

Facebook is a social media platform. CMI's Facebook advertising account  provides CMI with insight relating to their website visitors. They collect information about views and interactions with ads so that Facebook can provide aggregated reports to an advertiser like CMI. See Facebook privacy policy.

Lead forensics is a B2B marketing tool which provides CMI with insight relating to their website visitors. A small IP tracking code is placed on CMI's individual website pages which identifies the business IP addresses of website visitors. Lead Forensics collects Business related data which is not applicable under GDPR. Their system offers a contact data feature, which provides personal data, which is limited to first name, last name, LinkedIN profile URL, and email address. This is leveraged under the lawful basis of ‘Legitimate Interests’. 

Should you wish to withdraw from Lead Forensics processing your personal data for use by the Lead Forensics software, please email:
Or by writing to: Data Compliance, Lead Forensics, Building 3000, Lakeside, North Harbour, Portsmouth, PO6 3EN, UK.

All requests are processed within 30 days. Your details will be added to a suppression file to ensure that your details cannot be processed by the Lead Forensics software in future. Please note that this applies only to the processing of your personally identifiable data, not that of the business data which does not fall under the remit of GDPR. For further information, see their Software data compliance terms

GDPR requirements

The following table summarises the rules that apply from the Data Protection Commission in Ireland. 


Postal Marketing

Text/Email Marketing

Phone Marketingto Landlines

Fax Marketing

Phone Marketing to Mobile Phones

Individual Customer


Opt-0ut** (provided similar product or service)




Individual Non-Customer



Opt-In* if on NDD,
Opt-Out** otherwise



Business Contacts (Customer & Non-Customer)



Opt-In* if on NDD,
Opt-Out** otherwise

Opt-In* if on NDD,
Opt-Out** otherwise












   *Opt-in means CMI will only market an individual where you have given explicit consent to do so. 

**Opt-out means that you can market an individual provided you have previously given them the option not to receive such marketing and they have not availed of this option.

NDD -  is the National Directory Database.

For all Electronic Marketing Communications, an option to unsubscribe is included.

7.3 General statement

CMI fully respects your right to privacy and actively seeks to preserve the privacy rights of those who share information with the institute. CMI will not collect any personal information about you on this website without your permission, except as may be required or permitted by law. Any personal information which you volunteer to the institute will be treated with the highest standards of security and confidentiality, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations, May 2018.

7.4  Collection and use of personal information
Data collected from CMI website enquiry boxes, call back and application forms, is only valid for 12 months from the original date of consent. This period can be continually extended and consent to be marketed can be assumed based on enquirers and customers not choosing the unsubscription /opt-out. This is only assumed for as long as there is an unsubscription option.

Any information which you provide in enrollment is not made available to any third parties, and is used by CMI only in accordance with the purpose for which you provided the information and will only be retained for as long as required for the stated purpose. If you have any specific queries about the purpose for which your information is to be used, you should contact CMI before submitting the information. 

Once you apply online for a course your data is processed and as a student you are now subject to CMI data privacy rules. The institute retains and holds your personal data aswell as results, awards issued indefinitely. This information maybe requested at a later date by you (the data subject), in which case the relevant data can be sent to you.

7.5 Deletion of Personal Data
After your course of study, in the event, you require your data to be deleted from our server, please contact the Information Compliance Officer at CMI, . Your personal account details will be deleted from your account.

7.6 Collection and use of technical information
Information on internet traffic is collected routinely by CMI and also at other points along the route in the internet. It is not used to gather identifiable personal information on individual website visitors, except in so far as this is permitted by law and may be necessary in order to prevent or detect problems or offences in relation to the operation of the website.

7.7 Your Rights
Pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulations Act 2018 , you have certain rights to obtain a copy of the data held about you, for a fee. Any such requests should be made in writing (not email) to the Information Compliance Officer at the address set out below. For further details on your data privacy rights, please refer to the data protection commissioner or body in your country.  This statement should not be construed as a contractual undertaking. CMI reserves the right to review and amend this statement at any time without notice and you should therefore re-visit this webpage from time to time.

Any queries on CMI's GDPR compliance , please email or write to :

Information Compliance Officer 

Information Compliance Officer,
Communications & Management Institute
Unit 14A
Cashel Business Centre,
Cashel Road, 
Dublin 12 

T: 01 4927070

7.8 Reporting Data Breaches

Any data breaches, please contact the above mentioned and this will be reported to both our customers and the DPC Data Protection commissioner.

Data Protection Commission