43% of Students at CMI are funded by their Employer.
Employers are funding courses with CMI as they see the value and return of their investment reap rewards. There are at least three if not more factors why an employer might agree to fund your course. (1) If the course you are choosing is related to your role. (2) Doing a night course with CMI will not impact on your day job. (3) Your drive and ambition to learn something new is viewed as positive attributes and to be encouraged.
43% of students at CMI get funding from their Employer, by simply asking their boss and giving the reasons why they are choosing a particular course. Employer sponsorship courses, can take longer to process, so it is always advisable to allow extra time to get employer approval. Start with the reasons why you think doing a night course at CMI will enhance your role and help your Employer.

Employers funding deadline approaching

Once you have got permission, complete the online booking form by the deadline date. Tick YES to the sponsored course option and fill out the sponsor details. A deposit is still required and this will be refunded as soon as your employer has paid in full.Apply online today

For more information you can contact our Admissions Officer Graham Moore on 014927070 .