In a recent study carried out by CMI College it was discovered that adult education in Ireland is at an all time high. More adults are investing in their career and their education for a number of reason.

Speaking about the study John O’ Tool, School Principal at CMI said that he was delighted to see the trend increase in a big way.

“At CMI we always wanted to create a mode of education which was accessible to all people, irrespective of age, current career or family responsibilities. Our model has encouraged a great increase in adults returning to and indeed beginning their journey with education. We are delighted and will continue to make it accessible for all”.

Class groupings may involve an age range from 18-50 and this equates to a diversity that makes for a very interesting class setting. One student may have the practical experience of an industry. Combine that with the enthusiasm and youth of a 20 year old and it takes things up a notch in the classroom. The discussions, workshops and friendships are really special.

The study showed a number of reasons why adults are choosing to under-go a part-time evening course. Courses included marketing, purchasing, health and safety and management to name but a few. Some of the most common reasons were

– A part time evening course means that one can maintain their professional career while they invest in their future career. There is no compromise as it is out of office hours.

– People want to apply for a promotion and progress within their current career but they may have no relevant qualification. In as little as 10 weeks the individual has the edge that leads to the role they wish to obtain.

– Part time evening hours are a lot easier for families with children. It means that one parent (in a two parent family) can attend the course one evening per week while the other looks after the children and home. It reduces the logistical stress and childcare arrangements.

– The course dynamic includes an online element which means that should an individual miss a class they can catch up on the notes online. This is very reassuring to a student who knows that they may not be able to attend a class or two but do not want to miss out on the content.

– The social element is very important to people. Getting out of the house one evening per week and doing something for you. Investing in oneself while also making friendships and furthering their skill set is hugely rewarding.

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