Anna Hermanova was presented with the annual CMI-ATHE Outstanding Student achievement award in CMI College on 25 January 2017. According to the Academic director, John O’Toole,’ I am personally delighted for Anna that she was put forward for this outstanding student award. Not only was she a conscientious and very well organized student, but she managed to overcome obstacles confronting her at certain times during the course. She demonstrated her professionalism and was an exemplary student and well deserving of this special award.’

Anna has been a student at CMI since October 2014 and has now successfully complete two courses with CMI, the HR Advanced Diploma and more recently the Management Graduate Diploma level 8 course.

Anna works as an Office Manager in a busy Geo surveying company and works closely with Project Managers and Managing Director of the company. She is a qualified engineer and came from a technical background before moving to a more administrative role.

According to Anna, ‘I learned so much in the past two years at CMI and applied a lot of what I learned to my role at work. My boss was so happy with my performance I got a salary increase.  I made a lot of new friends at CMI, and I found it was the people doing the courses at CMI that really inspired me.  Doing a part time course and having a busy full time job is challenging.

There were times when I spent lots of evenings studying without a social life. I don’t have kids and have a very supportive partner who has the dinner on the table when I get home’, said Anna.

One of her personal challenges is that English is not her native language and she feels there is still more she can do. ‘There were many times when I had to use a dictionary at the classes on the HR Advanced diploma course. I have learned many new words and phrases, which I had never crossed by within my technical career. I believe doing a course through English in English is the best way to inspire me to learn and further improve my English language learning and skills’.

Anna found the modules very interesting and she loves the HR and people side of management more than the business part.  She successfully completed courses at CMI mainly for her own personal achievement and enjoyment. Anna found her whole experience at CMI a deeply satisfying and enjoyable time in her life. She has no immediate plans to pursue a Masters qualification this year, and is still undecided whether to pursue HR or Business.

Time will tell and watch this space… well done again Anna.