Are all PMP exam preparation course the same?

The short answer to this is No. There are many ways the PMP exam prep courses are delivered. Not all PMP exam providers are the same. They fall into two groups.

The first group are Training providers that are not recognised by PMI and offer their own developed content in the hope their students will be exam ready to pass the PMP test. They are not regulated and will sell any type of spurious content online.

The second group are PMI A.T.P. Authorised Training Partners who provide PMI approved PMP®  Exam preparation course content. They advertise the prestigious ATP Authorised Training Partner Badge, and once you see the ATP badge you are guaranteed a high standard of officially recognised PMP content. They also advertise PMI trained PMP teachers badges. See the badges below.

How do I know the course is delivered by a PMI partner?
As an example, CMI was approved as a PMI® Authorised Training Partner A.T.P. on 6 November 2020 and was previously a PMI Registered Education (REP) prior to 2020 for ten years. CMI would be an example of a provider that teaches the officially recognized PMI® Authorized PMP® Exam Preparation Course developed by PMI themselves. The course is fully approved and licensed by PMI which ensures a proven standard. 

How do I know a PMI provider is an authorised training partner?
Providers will advertise the Authorised training partner logo on their marketing material and are officially listed on the PMI website per region.

What courses can I do to certify as a Project Manager?
Experienced Project Managers tend to steer towards the  PMP® Exam preparation course . New Project Managers who don’t meet the criteria to join the PMP course, meet the eligibility for the CAPM® Exam preparation course

The PMP® Project Management course is ideal for the more experienced project manager, with 3-5 years of project related experience and a relevant qualification who wish to apply the latest project management skills to their role.  If you are new to project management, the entry level PMI®  CAPM® Certified Associate project management course is recommended.

How is this different to what was before?
The new PMP Exam preparation course introduced in 2020, is a significant development and change to what was offered before. There was never an offically PMI written PMP programme nor were teachers required to be officially trained by PMI. Now PMI provide officially approved content to selected authorised training providers. Instructors belonging to PMI Authorised partners must be officially trained by PMI and undergo PMP teacher training.

What else has changed with the PMP exam preparation course?
Where past students were relying on content from the PMBOK Guide and Exam Content outline, and various other sources now there is an official PMI written 385 page Student Handbook available exclusively to Authorised Training partners. These improvements are a significant benefit to students who seek to get PMP training the right way from PMI official sources.

What else is new about the PMP Exam preparation course?
As a student at CMI, you now have exclusive access to the PMI CHOICE Account which has PMI® approved digital learning resources. You will gain access to your own uniquely registered PMP resources account which includes:

PMI® approved 385 page PMP® Student handbook digital or hardcopy;
PMI approved Teacher slides
PMP support checklists
PMP learner videos
Course files
Self-knowledge checklists

(Image of PMI Choice Platform)

Is the PMP® certification well recognised?
The Project Management Professional is globally recognised worldwide in over 120 + countries.

Well done to Eugene becoming our first official PMI Instructor Badge holder !

How do I register for the PMP exam?

  1. Register to become a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI)®.
  2. Take the official PMP certification training course with CMI to satisfy the required 35 hours (PDUs) education requirement.
  3. Submit your PMP application online.
  4. Schedule your exam with Pearson VUE.
  5. Take and Pass the PMP Exam.

How long does it take to get certified?
Depending on the prerequisites and preparedness it is possible to get a PMP certification in 8 to 12 weeks after applying to PMI.

Will the PMP certification get me a job?
Graduates with either a PMP® credential or a CAPM® credential are in strong demand from employers in a wide variety of sectors. The biggest employer is IT and the Telecommunications sector followed by manufacturing, construction, engineering and science. Students who are fortunate to pass and achieve the Project management professional (PMP) certification can enjoy salary increases of more than 20%.

Is PMP certification still in demand by Employers?

The full PMP certification is still appropriate for any project managers who plan to specialize in traditional predictive approaches or agile change approaches or a hybrid approach to project management. There has been a significant trend towards Agile and a hybrid approach in recent years. The Agile and hybrid approach to PM now accounts for 50% of project management approaches and this is reflected in the new Exam Content Outline coming into effect from 2 January 2021. Learn more here about the PMP Authorised PMP exam prep course

PMI® CAPM Certified Associate Project Manager
If you are new to project management, the entry level PMI®  CAPM® Certified Associate project manager course is recommended.

Where are past PMP Certification graduate holders now?

Past students now have jobs and careers as Project Planners, Project Management executives, Project Account Managers, Team Leaders, Project Analysts, Project Finance executives, Business Partners, Operations Managers, Quality Manager, Change Managers in both the private, public sector and not for profit sectors.

Find out more about the next PMP or entry level CAPM Course:

Project Management Professional (PMP)®
CAPM® Certified Associate project manager course  

What are PDU’s?
The PMP credential can only be maintained if you are maintaining a minimum of 60PDU’s (60 hours of education/training/upskilling) in a 3 year period from receiving the PMP certification. Some great ways to achieve and maintain PDUs is registering for short E-learning courses which add to your project management knowledge and skills.

Is Agile Master a type of Project Management?
Yes it is a form of Project Management methodology and is very popular among IT professionals.

What is involved in doing an Agile Master Certification Course?
The Agile Master Certified (SAMC™) course is offered through E-learning. Learn more here 

Is Scrum Master a type of Project Management?
Yes it is a form of Project Management methodology and is very popular among IT professionals.

What is involved in doing a Scrum Master Course?
The Scrum Master Certified (SMC™) course is appropriate for anyone interested in working as a Scrum Master and improve their scrum knowledge and skills. Learn more here 

What is a Scrum Product Owner Course?

The Scrum Product Owner Certified (SPOC™) certification course will provide you with a clear understanding of the Product owner role and complete overview of Agile and Scrum principles. Learn more here

What is a Expert Scrum Master Certified (ESMC™) course?
The Expert Scrum Master Certified (ESMC™) course is the highest standard for Scrum practitioners who wish to further demonstrate their expertise in Scrum methodology. Learn more here


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CMI®  is a leading authority in PMP Project Management courses offering prestigious PMI courses to suit different levels of project management experience. Since CMI opened its School of Project Management in 2004, 92% of students have successfully passed first time, every time. Our proven approach ensures you learn in an incremental way.  

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