What qualification do you need to be a health and safety officer?

ohs certs

Occupational Health & Safety officers are in high demand by employers. Both national and multinationals organisations depending on the sector, require Occupational Health & Safety qualified graduates.

The type of qualification you will choose will largely reflect your previous academic qualifications achieved and work experienced gained thus far. Admissions criteria in universities and third level institutes vary.

        'Over 74% of Employers recruit Occupational Health & Safety staff that have achieved a minimum of Certificate or Diploma level.'


The main reason for this is the difficulty in recruiting qualified OHS staff with higher qualifications. The supply of higher level graduates is just not there. The entry level to executive traineeships and Health & Safety officer roles has dropped significantly. Health and safety practitioners with experience are in very high demand. .

Many employers are satisfied that candidates have achieved some work experience and gained a Certificate or Diploma depending on the role applied for.

         'Over 92% of Employers expect to provide some on-the-job training to the right candidate.'

The more work experience you have gained while studying the better. This blend of achieving a OHS qualification combined with the relevant work experience will make you a very valuable recruitment target.

The Pharmaceutical, Construction, Healthcare, and manufacturing sectors are perhaps the biggest employers in Occupational Health and Safety in Ireland.

The following guide explains how Occupational Health & Safety qualifications lead to the following roles. 

ohs certs

Guide to Roles & Qualifications

Role:  Health & Safety Executive/Trainee
Experience: 0-2 years 
Qualification needed: Technical Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (level 5 or equivalent)
Duration:  6 months         Mode:  Class or Online     Admissions Criteria: 0-1 years experience

Role: Health & Safety Officer
Experience: 2-3 years
Qualification needed: Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety (level 7 or equivalent) 
Duration:  12 months         Mode:  Class or Online     Admissions Criteria: Certificate in OHS

Role: Health & Safety Manager
Experience: 8-10 years
Qualification needed: Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety (level 7 or equivalent) or Ordinary BSc Degree level 7
Duration:  3-4 years          Mode:  Class or Online     Admissions Criteria: Diploma in OHS

Role- Health & Safety Director: 
Experience: 15 years +
Qualification needed: Masters Degree in Occupational Health & Safety 
Duration:  1- 2 years     Mode:  Class or Online     Admissions Criteria: Degree in OHS

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