Who is CIPD and are CIPD courses recognised?
CIPD is the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) and is the main professional accrediting body awarding professional human resources (HR) qualifications. The CIPD’s qualifications are the recognised professional standard for HR training across Ireland’s and the UK’s public, private and charity sectors.

Is a CIPD course worth it?
If you are hoping to work in Human resource or People Management then a CIPD qualification is a good step to take. A CIPD qualification can ensure specialist knowledge of the latest theory and a good level of insight into best practice in HR and development.

How long does a CIPD course take?
On average, the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate takes around 7 to 9 months to complete. The CIPD Level 5 Associate Diploma generally takes around 12 months to complete

What’s the difference between a CIPD certificate and diploma?

CIPD course qualifications are highly prestigious and sought after by employers internationally. The reputation of a Diploma has higher standing than a Certificate even more resonant with international employers. The Certificate programmes give you a core understanding of HR principles and practise, whereas the Diploma gives you a deeper knowledge across a wider range of subjects.

What job can I get with a CIPD qualification?

Some of the best jobs that you can get with a CIPD qualification include:.

  • HR Director.
  • HR Advisor.
  • HR Assistant.
  • L&D Manager.
  • Head of Equality and Diversity.
  • L&D Director.

What is CMI’s connection with CIPD?

CMI is an approved CIPD Study Centre, offering CIPD qualifications to the highest standards. The CMI School of Management & HR ensures CIPD Human resource programmes are developed by leading practitioners and experts in the field. Teaching and learner materials are developed from the latest CIPD trusted academic sources.

Are CMI courses relevant?

The Communications & Management Institute prides itself on teaching the HR leaders of tomorrow.  Graduates are equipped to deal with 21st century people management issues facing every individual and organisation. Challenging areas taught on People Management courses include managing finance, talent management, managing change, employee engagement, employee relations, employment law and strategic planning.

Is CMI courses recognised?
Qualifications are officially recognised both nationally and internationally. Upon successful completion graduates are in a unique position to gain prestigious HR and People Management roles within leading national and global companies across a range of industries and sectors.

Is it necessary to become a CIPD student member?
If you are a student of CIPD courses, it is advisable to become a CIPD student member as it offers you access to the Student Hub, which offers access to the latest resources and publication on HR and People Management.

CIPD level 5 Associate Diploma in People Management
CIPD level 3 Foundation Certificate in People practice
Business Management Minor Award level 6 QQI

Management Diploma (level 6 England equivalent to level 8 Ireland)
Strategic Management Diploma (level 7 England equivalent to level 9 Ireland)