We receive hundreds of calls every week from students who want to pursue a part time evening course from CMI. Quite often they have been recommended to us from a friend or family member who completed a course with us. We see this as the ultimate compliment. No amount of advertising can compare to a genuine referral from a happy customer. We take pride in our service and want every single student to have a positive experience.


Places fill up very quickly on our courses. We start each one three times per year and there is always a big demand. Time and time again the obstacle for people is often finances. They have done their research and really want to commence a particular course but they are struggling to part ways with their hard earned cash. We are always happy to reassure them that their course is excellent value for money, competitively prices and will completely pay dividends.


That’s right – CMI courses pay for themselves. Did you know that 80% of our students went on to receive a promotion within one year of completing their course? They found the confidence to apply for that promotion within their own company, finally bit the bullet and branched in to a new industry or they were head hunted. Yes, head-hunted. CMI students are regularly approached by small, medium and large companies who are looking to recruit qualified people for various roles within their organisation.


In our most recent surveys we found that 80% of these students ended up earning a higher wage one year after their course completed. Many of them experienced this far sooner though. In fact, many of our students have applied for roles and been offered the position on the basis that they were in the midst of a CMI course. The fact that they were working full time and studying in their own time showed great ambition and ability to time-manage. We hear this time and time again. We also know of many employers who are happy to take on a student pending their course completion. What better motivation to give your course 100% for the final couple of weeks when you know that your dream job is literally waiting for you in the wings when you finish.


CMI courses are competitively priced and very affordable. The key is to see it as a small investment. There is a very good chance that your course will have paid for itself when that career progression comes your way, directly as a result of the qualification you have achieved.


Are you working part-time? In that case we are happy to offer you a two part payment plan. 50% of the course fee can be paid on the first night while the other 50% can be paid several weeks later. We want to help you achieve your dreams and this is one of the ways we try to do this.


Applying for a CMI course couldn’t be easier. Simply visit the Book A Course tab on the website and fill out the application form. A €300 deposit will reserve and guarantee your place. That €300 is then taken off the course fee. Imagine the excitement of receiving your formal acceptance from CMI? To know that in just a couple of weeks you will be sitting in a classroom with like-minded individuals, finally giving yourself the opportunity to reach your full potential.


Feel free to give us a call on 01-4927070 and we can go through your options with you. A new CMI term is only ever a few weeks away. Now is always the best time!