Michael Donnellan was awarded an Outstanding Achievement Award on Thursday 22 September 2016 at CMI offices in Dublin. Accompanied by his wife Aoife, he received this prestigious award for having successfully completed all three levels of the suite of CIPS qualifications to level 8 Professional Diploma in Procurement & Supply. This can take from 3 to 10 years. He is the seventh person in the Republic Of Ireland to have received this high level procurement and supply qualification and is the first to have achieved it through online learning.

Michael chose to do the course online rather than by classroom learning and this more challenging route involved more study hours and less contact time with tutors. Starting in 2012, he experienced personal delays and challenges along the way. Michael finally got to the highest level of CIPS qualifications in the Summer of 2016. Attending the short presentation, John O’Toole CEO of CMI comments, ‘Through hard work and persistence and overcoming obstacles along the way, Michael showed that anything is possible when you set time aside to study. Im delighted he is the first online student to receive this special award.’


CIPS qualifications are chartered and are therefore recognised in over 120 countries globally. According to Michael, ‘Without an internationally recognised procurement qualification it is extremely difficult to gain a career promotion and employment in an international company.’

Michael initially worked for a small Irish company for 9 years and it was a busy multi-faceted role.  Once he completed the CIPS Diploma in procurement & supply, it suddenly opened up new doors and career opportunities for him. He was offered a very important position as Project Buyer for Valeo Vision Systems in Tuam, Co Galway.

Valeo Vision Systems in Tuam is the global headquarters for vision systems and is part of the Valeo Group which is one of the most successful and leading Automotive Technology Companies. Valeo Tuam develop, design and produce cameras for vehicles. The cameras help with driving assistance and active safety. Due to increased legislation focused on both the passenger as well as pedestrian safety, the market in the USA and Europe for driver assistance systems has shown exceptional growth. Valeo contracts with all the leading car manufacturers such as BMW, VW, Damilar, JLR, Volvo, Ford, Chrysler-Fiat and GM.

Since working with Valeo, Michael has gained significant experience and looks forward to contributing to further grow the company. He is fortunate that his employer spends significant money on training and encourages further education to help develop employees to their best.

By completing the CIPS qualifications with CMI College, Michael emphasised, ‘it really took my knowledge to a new level’. He complimented the CMI lecturers and would recommend anyone interested in furthering their career in procurement and supply to choose the CIPS qualifications.

After receiving the award, Michael said words of appreciation to his wife,’ I couldn’t have done it without the support of Aoife and thankfully she had the patience to help me get through it’.

Michael now has his sights on doing a Masters degree and intends to continue with his goal of learning for more years to come.