Crime Scene Investigation – Practical Learning


Have you ever wondered what it might be like to work in a real CSI environment? Do you watch Crime Scene Investigation shows on TV and wish you too could work in this industry? Do you have a passion for the practical side of solving crimes and reaching verdicts? You are one of the Irish people who have a solid interest in this very niche area.


Many years ago CMI recognised a huge level of interest in this kind of study. We sourced the best instructors, worked closely with An Garda Siochana and put together a professional course which carried tangible certification. The rest is history. The course – namely CSI And Criminology Diploma carried a huge demand. In the end we decided to run the course three times per year and offered it as a distance learning course as well as an evening course one evening per week. As well as the CMI Diploma students receive the well recognised QQI Level 5 award in Criminology. It was hard for out students to comprehend that they would study a topic that they felt great passion for and still come out with an academic award at the end of it. It is the perfect balance. An industry qualification with academic weight behind it.


But students wanted more. Following the ten week diploma course students wanted to carry their studies further. Many expressed a passion for exploring the practical elements to this course. DNA analysis, The Irish Criminal Court System and Forensic Psychology to name but a few. We realised that there was a need to create an Advanced Diploma. A Diploma which delved in to these topics on a deeper level.


And so the Advanced CSI and Forensic Science Diploma course was born. It was immediately endorsed by the world recognised Chartered Society Of Forensic Sciences. It was the first of it’s kind and the places filled up very quickly. It has gone on to be one of our most successful courses because it explores the practicalities of these niche topics. Methods and procedures are practically explored and a mock crime scene is constructed and explored. It is an exciting and inspiring course beyond the level of text books and course notes. We value the practical aspects that our students hope to one day employ themselves. Students are marked on their approach to the mock crime scene. Protective clothing, bodily fluids, DNA analysis and evidence preservation are all explored in great detail.

This course also comes with membership to the Chartered Society Of Forensic Sciences. This is an excellent society which will become very valuable to those who wish to make this topic their career.

Our next Diploma And Advanced Diploma start in October 2016 but they run three times yearly. Places fill up quickly so to reserve a spot please contact CMI on 01-4927070 and we will secure your place.