Are you looking for a change in career? Something with an excellent salary, benefits and opportunities for regular promotion? Purchasing might just be the industry for you then. This is currently one of the most thriving industries in the country. Every day roles are popping up online or with recruitment agencies. Companies want to find the right candidates who hold the relevant qualification. CMI College is the top college in Ireland for this qualification.


Purchasing, or often referred to as “procurement and supply” is essentially the means of which a company selects vendors. It is the rigorous process of procuring services which the company requires to grow and thrive. It is a very important role within a company for a plethora of reasons. Some of which extend to –

– Purchasing officers and managers are responsible for devising payment terms. They ensure that goods and services are paid for effectively and professionally. This is extremely important when it comes to maintaining positive relationships with other businesses and service providers.

– It is a core element of a business’ overall corporate strategy. For example – the way in which a company procures goods and services should reflect the overall ethics of the company. In this way it is important for the overall identity of the company. This ties in which branding which of course is essential to any successful business.

– An effective procurement process saves money and increases profit. This is due to the fact that the procured services aim to be the best value for money. They are also procured in a cost effective way which uses the company’s time efficiently.

A procurement manager will have many skills. They will endeavor to exercise the best negotiation skills to ensure that the company’s budget is spent on goods and services that are good value. Services that will benefit the company and encourage profit while at the same time ensuring that they are of an excellent standard and quality. The vetting process associated with these purchases is crucial.

The manager will also portray an impressive level of administration and record keeping. This is a vital tool for future procurement strategies and is the foundation of any business.

CIPS is the international body for qualifications in Purchasing And Supply. Their Diplomas are recognized all over the world and have the perfect combination of industry content and academic credibility. These are the qualifications that companies require when they advertising a Purchasing And Supply role.

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