CIPD membership Fees paid by CMI.

Now that is something worth enrolling for.

When students start CIPD programmes at an approved CIPD study centre they are expected to pay a joining fee and take out a student membership  with CIPD for a minimum of their first year of studies.

Many CIPD approved centres leave it to students to pay this fee.

In the current climate with the cost of living, we thought we would give something back and give you a help in hand.

Any new student that starts a CIPD programme with CMI from 1st July 2022 will get their CIPD joining fee and first year student membership paid*.

The fee may vary depending on the CIPD programme you enrol with CMI.

The CIPD Fees from 1st July 2022 , which are paid by CMI for first year of enrolment are: Joining Fee £40 + First year Student Membership fee either £96 (for Foundation Cert) or £ 140 (for Associate Diploma)

CIPD membership is internationally recognised in the people profession. It showcases your knowledge, behaviours and impact in today’s workplace, and demonstrates your commitment to the highest professional standards.

When you enrol with CMI to take a CIPD qualification, you will know you in good hands with a proven CIPD Accredited centre with a track record of great support for students .

As a Student Member, you will be equipped for success. You’ll benefit from professional content, study guides, and tips for your assessments. You’ll be part of the CIPD community where you can network and learn from the experience of other HR Management and People Management professionals, as well as connect with fellow Student Members for friendly support.

For more information on CIPD Courses offered by CMI CLICK HERE

*This is a limited special offer. T&Cs apply.