Ciarán Hanna,  had been a teacher of English in France for four years and decided to do the things he should have done years ago. Some may think living in France was an idyliic life, but a burning desire to kick start his career was a priority. He took the brave and difficult decision to leave his life in France to pursue a career in journalism.

Having had no previous journalism experience before, he felt he needed training and a qualification to pursue his ambition. He looked at several options, but the CMI Journalism and Media course in Dublin looked the most suitable. He was anxious whether he had made the the right choice.

He begand the course in May 2011 and graduated with Merit in 2012.

He is now busy as Acting Editor of , The site tries to give a flavour of what is happening on the island of Ireland in news, politics, sport, tourism, education, environment, entertainment, all solely related to Ireland. .

According to Ciarán, ”the course helped me in many ways, in the differences between opinions pieces and hard news stories, internet writing, sub-editing, managing news, getting a story, but what is particulary useful was the house style and grammatical do’s and don’ts with news writing”.


Ciarán Hanna, a past graduate student of the Diploma in Journalisnm & Media is now working as acting editor of .