We regularly receive phone calls from prospective students who are in search of a new career. They may want to leave their industry entirely or move up the ranks with a role that promises a better salary and qaulity of life. Time and time again these queries relate to Project Management. The question is often “how”. How do Project Managers acquire these roles? What makes a Project Manager? Have I missed the boat because I didn’t study Project Management at University? We are always delighted to reassure these people that being a Project Manager is more accessible than ever before.


Whether it is an IT company or a construction firm – Project Managers are important figures in an organization. It is a niche area which requires a certain plethora of skills and a qualification to boot. Here at CMI we specialise in these qualifications.

Are you someone currently working in a junior project Management role? Perhaps you have some experience and want to take it up a notch. You want to give yourself an edge. Something that helps your CV stand out. A chance to take you closer to your ultimate career goals.


We offer two different options when it comes to gaining a Project Management Qualification. One is certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI) in America and is worldwide recognised. There are two ways of gaining this accreditation. It is accessible for those with or without PM experience.


We also offer an Advanced Diploma In Project Management. This is a well-recognised award and covers all areas of Project Management. It is an excellent place to start learning about the industry and also excellent for building on skills you may have already gained in a Project Management role.


We start these courses three times per year. Classes are just one evening per week and a €300 deposit will guarantee your place on our next course. To book complete an online booking form or call Graham on 01-4927070.