What Health and Safety Manager course do I need to do to become a Health and Safety Manager?

Doing a health and safety management course,  you will learn all aspects of of the role, which requires good oversight, strategic thinking, problem solving and communication skills.  In a Health and Safety Manager course you will learn about continuous improvement and ensuring all aspects of the plan-do-check-act cycle is implemented.

The Health & Safety Manager or OHS Director has the most responsibility and utmost accountability to ensure that the health and safety management system in an organisation is effective and is working.

Being a Health and Safety Manager, requires the following skills, knowledge and competencies which are covered on this Health and Safety management course:

  • Communication Skills
  • Effective Management of OHS Team
  • Strategy development
  • Governance
  • Continuously improve the Health and Safety Management system
  • Review Organisational Performance
  • Auditing
  • Understanding Risk & Business risks
  • Investigation Management
  • Legal Compliance

Communication & Leadership Skills:  The health and safety manager is expected to show good communication skills and be a visible leader doing safety tours and inspections and leading safety in the workplace.

Effective Management of OHS Team: Managing a team of health and safety practitioners is a skill that requires ongoing effort, focus and determination.  On this health and safety management course, you will learn how the Health and Safety Manager will get his team to deliver on implementing the health and safety plan and report on issues as they arise.

Strategy development: Doing this health and safety management course, will show you how to lead and contribute to the organisations’ strategic direction, considering the bigger picture while setting priorities.

Governance: The Health and Safety Manager must ensure there is good health and safety governance. The right organisational structures should be in place such as safety committees or external auditors, so there is independent oversight of the health and safety management system.

Continuously improve the Health and Safety Management system:  This health and safety manager course will ensure you learn about health and safety management systems, of plan-do-check-act and how to effectively implement the system throughout the organisation.

Review Organisational Performance:  gather information against performance criteria as part of assessing risks and effectiveness of controls. The Health and Safety Manager must ensure the team is able to interpret data to evaluate OSH performance.

Auditing:  Health and safety management requires you to ensure the following audits are carried out: safety tours, gap audits, compliance audits, documentation audits and other inspections of various types.

Health and Safety Risk & Business risks:  The health and safety and business risks faced in the organisation differ depending on the sector. This health and safety manager course from Ireland will cover operational risks, internal and external threats and opportunities and possible business and resource implications and failures.

Incident management Investigation and Reporting. This includes supporting a legal defence for the employer – Taking statements and gathering evidence.

Legal compliance: All health and safety managers must be knowledgeable of the health and safety legislation and how it applies in their jurisdiction. They must be aware of the relevant Codes of Practise and legislation that applies to their sector.

All Health and Safety Managers and the organisation they work for, are required by law to show a ‘duty of care’ and be aware of their duties as Employers. Employees must be made aware of their duties. Keeping informed and qualified is an essential aspect of the role of a Health and Safety Manager.

Health and Safety Manager job qualifications

Become a Certified Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Manager requires a minimum qualification of a level 7 Post Graduate Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management (comparable to level 9 Ireland). This is at the same level as a Masters’ degree.

This Health and Safety Management course, will ensure you gain critical knowledge of areas such as Health and safety management practise, Risk and Strategic Risk Intervention, Review and improve health and safety systems within an organisation, Strategic commitment to health and well-being, Sustainability and Ethics in Health and Safety Practice.

Consider becoming a Certified Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Manager today.

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