The health and safety procedures of the building that you work in is extremely important. Adhering to legal regulations as well as considering the more specific requirements is now considered a standard in any organization. The person responsible for creating and implementing these health and safety strategies should have a recognised health and safety qualification.

Health and safety is a forever evolving industry. It is of imperative importance that the
individual who is responsible for the health and safety within your company is fully trained with up to date information. This is particularly relevant when it comes to the legal requirements and regulations. The reality is that there are certain things that every employer is legally obligated to do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. Simple tasks which may seem irrelevant or a waste of time and yet failure to adhere to these could cost the company a lawsuit or more tragically, a life. The area of health and safety is not vague. It is a necessary and extremely important role within the company.

At CMI we have noticed a great increase in the area of health and safety. A course that was always extremely popular is now experiencing a higher demand than ever. Employers are recognising the value in our qualification. They are not willing to take risks in this area and they understand the importance of their health and safety team having the relevant qualifications and up to date knowledge of the subject.

Our Diploma In Occupational Health And Safety is broken up in to three key areas.
Specific key areas which serve to cover all angles. Areas which result in a fully qualified health and safety manager who will efficiently and professionally protect your building, equipment, staff and customers.

Unit 1: Principles of Health and Safety Management

Unit 2: Safeguarding People & Health in the Workplace

Unit 3: Promoting a Positive Health and Safety Culture in the Workplace


Every day we speak to individuals who wish to orchestrate a big career change. Chefs,
builders, van drivers and administrators to name but a few. There is a real “buzz” in the
area of health and safety as employers are showing a growing investment when it comes to appointing a qualified person to carry out this important role. The trend is being recognised and individuals are investing in the qualification that will land them the job. A position that is well paid, had great job satisfaction and is arguably one of the most important roles in the entire company.

Our qualification is world recognised. We are regularly approached by small, medium and large organizations who seek to head hunt our students who hold this qualification.

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