It has been officially announced that the new “pay by weight” proposal by the government for our waste disposal has been delayed by one year. This news has followed on from huge upset vocalized by the Irish public about the unjust system. A vague system that would leave many Irish households paying hugely inflated bin charges. Particular frustration was portrayed by families that include children in nappies as this would drastically increase their bin charges for a very innocent and sanitary reason associated with caring for their child.

Waste companies that are now part of the Irish Waste Management Association (IWMA) have collectively decided to freeze their prices for one year and focus on giving good advice to their customers on how to effectively deal with their waste. The advice aims to help customers discover the most cost effective ways to dispose of their household waste when the new regulations take place. This initiative is said to have come in help alleviate some of the stress and uncertainty that has been pouring in from each company’s loyal customers.

There is now talk of the Department Of Environment devising a plan to help the general public to understand the need for the “pay by weight” approach.

IWMA secretary Conor Walsh has expressed a need to educate the public about the new protocol which will eventually come in to place. He claims that there “does need to be a smooth transition” and that the plans for the next twelve months should “help people understand the benefits of pay-by-weight”.

Despite not being a member of the IWMA, major waste company Greyhound have spoken out and said that they fully support the plans for a twelve month price freeze.

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