2016 and 2017 are said to be great years of change for gender inequality in Irish business. A recent study has revealed that women occupy a disproportionate number of managerial roles across all sectors in Irish businesses. The study was carried out in association with BNY Mellon and DCU College and discovered that even at the most junior level of management women occupied just 34% of managerial positions. It also showed that this figure became greater the higher up the career ladder.

2016 has seen a great rise in female business ambassadors in Ireland. These woman have become role models across the corporate, beauty and media industries and have instilled great confidence in Irish women who have similar ambitions.


One such woman is Marissa Carter. Director and Owner of Cocoa Brown Tan. Marissa is also a regular contributor at TV3’s Xpose where she shares her beauty secrets which have been accumulated after many fruitful years in the Irish beauty industry. Just last year Cocoa Brown received online praise from none other than Kylie Kardashian. She posted an image online which stated that Cocoa Brown was her favorite instant tanner. Overnight Cocoa Brown exploded and has since expanded in the American market. It is a really solid example of an international product that was born in our very own Emerald Isle.

Women like Marissa are doing a great deal for Irish women in business. They are pushing the boundaries and highlighting the very real fact that women in Ireland can and will reach the top. Her success brings great enthusiasm to Irish women with budding dreams of launching an Irish product or service over the next couple of years.

2016 has seen a great rise is mentoring programmed and support groups which aim to encourage and empower Irish women who dream of business success in Ireland and beyond. Image Magazine holds regular networking breakfasts which serve to unite women in Irish business. The event is focused on expanding client bases and working together to shift the gender inequality in Ireland. Empowering Irish women in business is the key and it is having a great impact.

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