It is that time of year again. A time where parents, students and teachers are consumed with anxiety and panic. Parents and teachers want to offer support and guidance. They want to help their students and children reach their full potential while at the same time ensuring that they don’t put too much pressure. There is a thin line between support and pressure and it can be very difficult to find the right balance. There is also the issue of individuality. Every single student responds to pressure differently. Some students thrive on setting clear goals while others perform better with a calmer approach to study and revision.



At CMI College we understand that every single person is an individual and that no one rule fits all. In fact, it is what we are passionate about. It is what makes us different and it is the reason why our students love what we do. CMI is built upon the idea that education is a lifelong experience. Are we ever really finished? Or in some cases – did we ever really start? Every single day we receive enthusiastic enquiries from potential students who have no formal education whatsoever. Some may have attempted their Junior Certificate (or Intercert as we so often hear) while others may have completed some in-house training within the organization that they work. They are people who have built really successfully careers and businesses with hard work and determination. Educational background was never an issue and in 2016 they may find themselves suddenly feeling as though they require a formal qualification to complement their work experience to date. This is where CMI comes in.


CMI are an internationally and nationally accredited education body. We are a private college who for the past ten years have built and nurtured relationships with awarding bodies connected to every professional field. Procurement? Marketing &PR?  Business Management? Fashion Buying And Merchandising? We’ve got you covered. We are passionate about our plethora of different qualifications and we thrive on adapting our schedule in conjunction with the economic and employment changes. We provide excellent, accessible and recognized qualifications which will benefit your career. We are QQI accredited and CMI students have gone on to achieve level 7, 8 and beyond via our targeted progression routes. Our staff are always on by to help guide you.


As the pressure of Leaving Certificate exams linger please take a moment to recognize that there are other options for your children, students and friends. CMI is a purpose-built college to accommodate those who may have no formal qualification but who wish to obtain one. Attending university straight out of school is not for everyone. Perhaps the desired points were not achieved or perhaps circumstances meant that it simply was not the right time for you. Some experience in the working world can so often grant us a valuable perspective on what it is that motivates us. It helps carve out clear personal and professional goals. CMI are there to help make these goals a reality.


Did you know that 80% of CMI students experienced (or were offered) a career change or some kind of promotion within a year of completing their course? Something we pride ourselves on. Did you also know that CMI have a reputation for being visited by large multi-national companies who approach us seeking qualified professional individuals to join our team? That is what makes us different. There is no vagueness in CMI. We provide accessible education routes for all individuals and we would love to hear from you. Call 01-4927070 and see for yourself!