Let’s face it today we’re all busier than ever before. How can we manage to fit in a part-time course alongside all our other commitments personal or professional? Here are a few tips to help you juggle a part-time evening course alongside a busy life schedule.


1. Timetable

Part-time courses are a god send for those of you with busy schedules. They should not eat away at what little precious free time you have. It’s important to remember that part-time evening courses are designed with working professionals in mind. Part-time course workloads tend to be spread out between your once/twice weekly lectures alongside a couple of hour’s independent study which can be done whenever suits you best. If you do find yourself engaging with a part-time course always be sure to allow yourself some free time which means not spending too much of your time outside of work and the classroom studying as you will wear yourself out! If you have a busy schedule with other commitments whether they’re playing sports, watching TV, or playing some games you should build your study planner around them. Most part-time courses will provide you with a course schedule outlining all the key dates and times of exams, use this schedule to help plan how your course will fit into your lifestyle before you find yourself trying to alter your lifestyle to fit around your course.


2. Combine your Workload

A lot of business orientated part-time courses focus on the creation of reports and briefs for assignments that should be useable in the real world; quite often the work students complete for their course is implemented in their own workplace. It’s easy to think of a part-time course and your job as separate entities but more often than not they will overlap, particularly if you’re doing the course for professional development reasons. Use your course to inform your work and your work to inform your courses subject material. It’s amazing how practical a lot of the information you pick up during courses can be!


3. Social Ties

There’s no need to worry about letting a part-time course get in the way of spending time with your family and friends. Due to the limitation of the course being held only a couple of evenings a week you have the rest of the time free to spend with them. I’d encourage you to let your close friends and other halves to get involved with the course, usually people tend to be quite supportive and help out anyway they can. Similarly you might even find yourself making a new friend or two while doing a course as a lot of people engaging in part-time courses will have a similar mindset to you.


4. Affordability

When comparing part-time education with full-time the difference in price can be astonishing! A standard undergraduate full-time could set you back 2,500 euro a year and if you’re going with a private provider some may cost you over twice that amount. On the other hand part-time courses tend to be more affordable as the cost is spread out over a longer time frame. You should be able to juggle the lower cost of a part-time course along with your other expenses, depending on the college you may even be able to access payment plans to help suit your circumstances.


5. ICT

There are numerous benefits to studying part-time especially in the 21st century with the availability of your entire course notes at the touch of a button. With online systems such as Moodle and Blackboard you can access all your course notes in one handy location by simply entering your username and password. Use IT to help make your course slip easily into your life. Whether it’s at home or at work your course work is always easily accessible for when you want to access it.


A lot of part-time courses may require you to attend lectures on site but more popular means of education are coming to the fore based around the use of online lecturing and the distribution of notes online. It’s almost too easy now to get a qualification from the comfort of your own home. It has never been easier to manage your time effectively and achieve the qualifications you always dreamed of.