Here at CMI we are committed to growing with the changes and demands of society. We have adapted and expanded our courses so that all courses can be accompanied by online notes to allow for catching-up. This also minimises the use of paper, printing and we are doing our bit for the environment. It also gives people outside of Dublin (and indeed Ireland) the opportunity to study purely in an online capacity. We are very passionate about making our qualifications as accessible as possible while at the same time maintaining our excellent pass rates and academic standards.

One of our most popular part time evening courses is our CSI Forensics And Criminology Diploma. People have a genuine interest in the forensic world and are intrigued by all that motivates criminals. The psychology behind their actions. They are also passionate about the ways in which justice is served. It is a consistently popular course with a plethora of ages and reasons for doing the course. For some the motivation is pure interest. They may be big fans of one of the array of CSI television shows on the market. For others it is to start the process which will ultimately lead them to working in this field. Our course provides a really solid foundation and one that is recognised and respected in the industry.

With the CSI courses a demand began to grow. Our students enjoyed their Diploma course so much that they wanted to continue their studies in the field of forensics and CSI. We consulted the world renowned Forensic Society and created an advanced Diploma which focuses on the practical elements of forensic science and CSI in a broader way. This has been a roaring success and 80% of students who sign up to the CSI Diploma will move on to the Advanced Diploma afterwards.

The same can be said for our management diplomas. Our students saw the value in completing a project as part of the Diploma In Management. This corporate project is a practical element of the diploma and is based on a real company. It allows our students to think critically and evaluate a business model themselves. A lot of the time these projects go on to encourage positive changes within the company our students work.

Our Advanced Diploma In HR is the best of it’s kind in Ireland. We have loved the positive feedback from our students about the recruitment and selection workshops which remain part of this Advanced Diploma course. It is an opportunity to get away from the books and participate in some role play associated with the role of a HR Manager. This is what makes CMI courses different. Students leave the course with a sense of confidence regarding what the day-to-day elements of an industry are. It is not just a qualification. We are invested in the professional element and understand that recruitment, career change or promotion are for a lot of people the reasons for doing an evening diploma.

At CMI we recognise the fact that there is so much more to learning than books. We are constantly evolving our practices to ensure that our courses remain exciting and engaging. We put great effort in to organizing online tutorials as well as field trips. We are also open to the idea of guest-speakers and recruitment opportunities for our students. Last year’s statistics showed a great number of students were approached by prospective employers directly via CMI. Employers know that our students are qualified to the highest level in our industry focused courses.