Here at CMI we understand the importance of education in the family unit. The majority of our lecturers and students are parents also. We value the impact that education brings to the family and we also understand the stress it brings also. As end of August approaches we speak daily to parents who plan to start a part time evening course with us very soon. Their children may now all be at school-going age and they want to re-enter the workforce with a brand new and prestigious industry qualification.

For one evening per week they are off the hook as their partner does the bed-time routine. They make their way in to Central Dublin City for a part time evening course that will open doors for them and add incredible value to their CV as they plan to take the Irish workforce by storm. It will bring a great level of financial stability to their family unit and they look forward to re-igniting a passion for the field that they will work for.

With this in mind we have spoken to some of our current students who have families. We have put together our top tips for making the Back To School transition as easy as possible on the entire family this year.

1. Meal prep. This is a big one. Many of our students expressed that planning the week’s meals makes a huge difference. The slow cooker is dusted off and batch-cooking is in full swing once again as sometimes there simply are not enough hours in the day.

2. Make the kids lunches the night before. Such a simple idea but it really saves time in the morning while fumbling around the house looking for lost shoes, pencil cases and school ties.

3. LABEL everything. You said you would do it last year but after two lost jumpers you are committed to doing it this year once and for all. Did you know you can actually order personalized labels now too? The kids will love that.

4. Start tackling bed times NOW. A sudden change in bed-time the night before school starts will leave your little ones feeling frustrated and confused. It could take weeks for them to settle in to their new routine. Now is the time to slowly begin bringing bed-time back a little earlier each evening as no doubt the summer-holidays have meant late bed-times all round. You might start to enjoy that peaceful cuppa in the evenings once again.

5. Start introducing little principles at home that will soon apply to your children when they start school. Focus on the importance of putting things in the bin and sitting at the table while eating lunch. It will make the transition easier.

As your little ones embark on their education journey, why not call CMI to discuss the endless possibilities for your own? We offer the best value industry qualifications in Ireland and we would love to welcome you soon. Call us on 01-4927070.