Official PMI® Authorized PMP® Exam Preparation Course developed by PMI and delivered by CMI – Launching January 2021

CMI® is delighted to confirm we have been approved as a PMI® Authorised Training Partner A.T.P. on 6 November 2020.

We now teach the officially recognized PMI® Authorized PMP® Exam Preparation Course developed by PMI themselves. The course is fully approved and licensed by PMI  which ensures a proven standard.


How is this different to what was before?
It is a significant development and change to what was offered before. There was never an offically PMI written PMP programme nor were teachers required to be officially trained by PMI.

Where past students were relying on content from the PMBOK Guide and Exam Content outline, and various other sources now there is a PMI written 385 page Student Handbook. These improvements are really to the benefit of students who seek to get PMP training the right way from PMI official sources.

PMI has had a year of significant changes with the introduction of online proctored testing through Pearson Vue in April 2020. Most significant is the introduction of the new Exam Content Outline (ECO) first released in 2019 and now coming into effect in reality with the new PMP test format being introduced across all exam test centres and online from 2 January 2021.

This updated Exam Content Outline (ECO) 2021 is the most radical change to the exam in more than 20 years. It changes the test domains from the 5 process groups of Initiating, Planning, executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and Closing to three completely different domains titled People, Process and Business Environment.

Then there is the new PMBOK® Guide – Seventh Edition and Agile Practice Guide (2021) to replace the current PMBOK® Guide Sixth Edition (2017) to be released sometime in the first half of 2021. All of this is an alignment and was in the waiting for a while.

Being a PMI®  Authorised Training partner (A.T.P) means there will no longer be a huge variance in the standard of PM education and training received by participants. Students doing a PMP® Authorised exam preparation course through an A.T.P can guarantee they will get the officially recognised PMP® developed course which is officially approved, written and licensed by PMI.  Students will now be taught by teachers officially trained by PMI. In recognition teachers receive an exclusive PMI instructor badge.

Doing a PMP course through an official A.T.P, means you will get access to the newly developed PMI® CHOICE platform and gain exclusive access to:

Your own uniquely registered PMI® approved 385 page PMP® Student handbook digital or hardcopy; download PMI approved Teacher slides, PMP support checklists: PMP learner videos; Course files; Self-knowledge checklists and lots more PMI® approved digital learning resources.

TWO Choices, What is yours?
In the future, you will be faced with two choices, to chose an officially recognised PMP® Project Management professional course with a PMI A.T.P. Authorised Training Partner or do an unofficial PMP course from any number of unapproved providers where course content is not approved.

From January 2021, CMI is launching the new PMI® approved PMP® Project Management Professional course.  CMI is a globally approved PMI® Authorised Training Partner A.T.P. which means you can be confident our instructors and the course content meet the highest PMI standards.




CLICK BADGE TO VERIFY- Well done to Eugene becoming our first Instructor Badge holder !

CMI are now currently taking bookings for 2021 with our first PMP programme starting 28th January 2021

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