PMP Exam Content Outline Update - June 2019



PMI® the leading authority in Project Management, announced that the PMP® Exam will change from December 16, 2019 due to the new PMP Exam Content Outline (ECO) which was released in June 2019.

The new exam will focus on three new domains:

  1. PEOPLE – emphasizing the skills and activities associated with effectively leading a project team
  2. PROCESS – reinforcing the technical aspects of managing a project
  3. BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT – highlighting the connection between projects and organization strategy

Content that spans predictive, agile and hybrid approaches, will be included across the three exam domains. The best way to understand what is included in the exam is to review the updated Exam Content Outline - June 2019.

This change will not effect the large proportion of content of current PMP® Certification courses which reflect the PMBOK® Guide – Sixth Edition (released in September 2017).

CMI's programme team will make amendments to some course material to reflect the ECO content changes released in June 2019.

 A total of 8 new tasks has been added to the 4 or 5 domains.

  • 3 tasks added to Initiation
  • 1 Task added to Planning
  • 2 Tasks added to Executing
  • 2 Tasks added to Monitoring and Controlling.
  •  Minor changes to other tasks and to terminology and language.

This has an immediate implication for students starting 
PMP® Certification courses from October and November 2019. All students will of course, be attempting test questions reflecting the new ECO (Exam Content Outline) and not the old ECO.

Any PMP® students who attempt the PMP® tests after 15 December 2019, will be required to attempt tests reflecting the new PMP® exam Content Outline. The old ECO is still relevant until 15 December.

The CMI Programme team made up of experienced Project Management teachers and trainers with several years PM experience, are busy making amendments and changes to the programme test questions.

PMP® Certification courses delivered by CMI from October 2019 will have the new set of exam questions to reflect the new PMP® Exam Content Outline.  Those students will be sitting the new PMP® tests anytime from 16 December 2019.  

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