Impact of Covid 19 on CMI Courses

Impact of Covid 19 on CMI Courses - News Updates 

12 March 2020 - Ireland government announcement - School Closures

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar announces all schools are to close from Thursday 12 March 6pm until 29 March and that where possible colleges should provide online classes and delivery of assessment online.

Closure of Schools Announcements - Dept of Education

The following measures will come into effect from Friday 13 March until 29 March

12 March 2020 - 6pm - CMI school closes
CMI closes school on 35 South William street as a result of government announcement until further government announcement. 

12 March 2020 - 18.30 - CMI transitions to online classes
CMI arranges delivery of classes online every evening from Monday to Thursday via our online platform to ensure continuity of learning for students

19 March 2020 - CMI exams in April

The majority of scheduled exams in April will now take place online. Further details to follow.

Our exam centre in Sandyford will remain open to facilitate written exams for the British Safety Council. 

24 March 2020 - CMI Academic Support staff

Our Academic operational team are working (some remotely) to answer emails or telephone calls or any queries you have. Teachers will continue to teach online for the remaining weeks of this Spring term. 

Arrangements are being made to provide Online exams in April for the majority of awarding bodies except CIPS who will announce future exam dates .

24 March 2020 - Admissions
CMI is taking applications for classroom courses starting in October 2020. Our admissions office is open.

24 March 2020 - BSC British Safety Council exams

CMI exams centres are now closed due to further Covid19 restrictions. CMI are postponing the BSC British Safety Council written exams until further notice. As soon as restrictions are lifted, we will be communicating the earliest possible exam date.

24 March 2020 - IWFM announcement
IWFM closed their office temporarily from 17 March.  All staff are equipped to work from home and will do so for the immediate future. their Acadmic operations will continue as usual, but EQA visits are postponed or held remotely, and certificates cannot be printed while the office is closed.   

Learners pursuing IWFM qualifications will continue to be required to submit course work and will receive feedback and corrections as normal for the forseeable future, until further notice.  

24 March 2020 - Athe Announcement

ATHE is following a structured contingency plan and are implementing their own responses to the outbreak.

In line with the latest Government advice, ATHE’s office team are moving to home-working from Tuesday 24th March until further notice.  This approach is also being implemented for external verification and qualification development being conducted remotely from home.

Learners pursuing Athe qualifications will continue to be required to submit course work and will receive feedback and corrections as normal for the forseeable future,   until further notice

02 April 2020 - CIPS Global exam series in May 2020 

CIPS Global May 2020 exam series is cancelled due to the UK government announcement.

The May exam series and bookings will now take place in July 2020 exam series. This situation is under constant review.

All students that sit CIPS exams will find their deferred July exam bookings in account by 8 May 2020.

If you are effected by the May 2020 exam deferral, please refer to the Exam timetables for July exam series are available here . Check the modules you intended to do in May which are now scheduled in July 2020.  

CMI classes are taking place live online each week, on the same dates and times which reflect the original course schedule provided. Each online class is recorded and will be a helpful revision for learners when the next CIPS exam series takes place.

Despite CIPS delaying their May exam sittings, there will be no change to the original schedule that was provided .

Regularly check for CIPS updates:

CIPS will confirm the deferred exam dates for the July series by email on 24 April 2020

2nd April 2020 - CMI Updated Exam Information - April 2020 Exams

Due to the Covid 19 restrictions impacting the closure of exam centres, learners doing CMI and QQI exams, will be required to do exams online in April and May 2020. The Academic Board at CMI has approved the online format of sitting exams /tests online. For details of exam dates see here:  

The following documents provide information about the upcoming CMI April exam series. Please read each document carefully.

  1. CMI Guide to Completing Online Exams (PDF)
  2. CMI Online Exams - Policies, rules and regulations (PDF)
  3. CMI Guide to Studying and Assessments (PDF)
  4. Review of Assessment form (DOC)

3rd April 2020 - CMI open

Due to severe government restrictions that came into effect Friday 28 March, the majority of CMI staff are working remotely, and are available to take calls during normal officer hours. Please be patient and expect some delays to email or phone queries.

Our academic operations team are supporting delivering of classes online, and providing support to students and teachers.

9 June 2020 - CMI office reopens
All staff administration staff are working from the head office at staggered times to facilitate social distancing.

10 July 2020
88% of learners give thumbs up to the live online classes and thoroughly enjoy the convenience and experience. Being able to playback recordings for revision purposes has proved a major benefit.This is according to a recent Covid 19 survey conducted in early July 2020.

22 July 2020 - CMI classroom courses
We are still waiting department of education guidelines regarding reopening of schools from September and the social distancing protocols to be in place within a class setting.

We are erring on the side of caution, as there is a real risk of a second wave this Autumn. As a ‘safety first’ measure to all our students a blended approach (live online and classroom) is being considered . It is unlikely we will be returning to full classrooms schedules from October.

This situation is being monitored and reviewed regularly as the Covid 19 situation evolves.

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