Deciding to do something in your spare time after a hard days work is commendable and shows an ability to want to take on new challenges.


Considering doing a night course and getting a qualification, while working full time, really deserves the highest praises.


It can be difficult enough to meet the demands of a busy modern lifestyle without adding further tasks to your daily to do list.


Research has shown that students who work, benefit greatly from what they learn on a night course. Doing a part-time night course and evening course greatly adds to your role particularly if the course complements what you do

Part time courses and flexible learning courses, such as night classes, online training or distance learning, are all convenient options for full time employees seeking graduate and postgraduate qualifications. The following guidelines will help you make an informed decision and overcome the difficulties you may encounter in the process.


Set goals for yourself: Take some time to think about what you hope to accomplish with this qualification. Ask yourself ,  “Where do I see myself in 3 years’ time?” and “Am I passionate enough about this night course to persevere when it gets tough?”  Carefully considering your study options awill make a big difference on your future.


Do some research: A very important step when deciding on the right course. Dedicate some time to research when you can give it your undivided attention. Resources like career websites and education websites will provide a wealth of information on flexible learning courses. Look into a variety of Institutes, considering their location, the learning formats they offer and the accreditation of their courses.


Talk about it: Taking to friends and family will also help make that decision into night time study. It is a big step, and can be demanding on your time, so best to get helpful advice from family and friends. Their support can be a source of great encouragement, and they can help you plan your schedule. Meet with your employer to discuss your decision as well. Be honest about your goals.


Consider your budget: Make sure you know the course fees , and plan your budget accordingly. If you are in need of a student loan, apply as early as possible to ensure that you do not have to deal with additional financial strain. Some employers may also be willing to to pay for their employees’ further education, as it is in their interests to employ skilled individuals with cutting-edge qualifications.


Manage your time: Plan your timetable well in advance, and be honest woth yourself as to whether you have the time between adequate time for work, classes, study sessions and of course the ‘social life’.


Night courses and evening classes can be highly rewarding, and can change your career path without the risk of giving up your job. Consider the above steps before leaping into the wonderful world of night study.