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This Agile Master Certification course (SAMC™) is the globally recognised standard for Agile Master professionals.

Agile Master

This Agile Master Certified (SAMC™) certification course is ideal for anyone interested in working as an Agile Master and improve their Agile knowledge and skills.

An Agile Master is also referred to as a Scrum Master whose role is to ensure everyone in the team uses Scrum processes . A key strength of Scrum lies in its use of empowering teams who divide their work into short, concentrated work cycles or sprints which  help drive delivery.

Agile is one of the most widely applied project management frameworks globally. Agile is increasingly being applied outside of the traditional Information Technology sector including finance, healthcare, and telecommunications amongst others.


Learn to:

  • Understand Agile values and practices
  • Implement Agile within a working environment
  • Apply Agile effectively in Scrum/Agile projects.


The objective of this certification is to ensure that Team members know enough about different Agile methodologies. The most popular is Scrum, but other popular methodologies are introduced including; XP (Extreme programming), DSDM, Crystal and Kanban.

This is a good  Agile preparation course for those wanting to pursue the PMP Exam Prep course with CMI.

Self Study in 6 Months

The course is self-study and delivered through an online platform using highly interactive online videos, case studies and tasks. The courseware is designed to help you successfully complete an end of course online proctored exam.



CMI is an Authorized Training Partner (A.T.P.) for SCRUM study which is the Global Certifying Authority for Agile Professionals.  Recognised in over 90 + countries, they are one of the most recognised Scrum and Agile certifiers.

Award: Agile Master Certification (SAMC™)
Award Body: SCRUMStudy
Professional industry qualification
Progress to PMP Certification course


Yes you will be certified to use Agile techniques as part of your project management approach.
If you fail the Agile Master exam, you can schedule again and take a maximum of two free exam retakes.
Yes all successful graduates will have enough Agile knowledge for entry to the PMP Certification course with CMI.

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