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CIPD Diploma In Learning And Development

Weds 5th October 2023 18.30-21.30

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The CIPD level 5 Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development is a professional CIPD qualification designed for those with a keen interest in Learning and Development who wish to accelerate their careers in this rapidly growing area.


The Associate Diploma in Organisational learning and development course is aimed at those intending to work in training, learning, organisational and/or talent development. It is the only learning and development training course in Dublin, Ireland which will provide you with the technical information needed to work in this essential role.

A big part of the job is to assess organisational needs and evaluate personal development plans to help employees make the most of learning opportunities.

Typical tasks include, creating learning plans, strategies, designing and delivering e-learning, face to face and online courses, workshops and other trainings.


On this CIPD learning and development course, learn the key functions of Self-directed and social learning.  The connections between, self-directed and social learning and and how digital innovations enable self-directed learning.

On this hr learning and development course, you will learn to facilitate personal and performance focused learning.  You will explore different facilitation techniques, whether face-to-face or online.

Most importantly on this learning and development course online, you will cover the advances in digital learning and development. You will create engaging digital learning content to meet specific purposes and learning needs.


Doing a CIPD learning and development level 7 course is one of the best decisions you can make. A career in learning and development is the fastest growing role in Europe and beyond. As more and more organisations, see the value that the learning and development function brings, so too has the demand soared for qualified graduates.

A unique approach that gets you the result

No need to worry about exams. CMI’s unique incremental approach to learning provides you with the pathway to success. You will submit scheduled assignments each term and will receive feedback at draft and final stage and recommendations for improvement.

CIPD Membership Fee :

In the first month of starting your course, CMI will cover the cost of the initial CIPD joining fee and student membership fee. This covers you to 30th June. If you are still studying at time of the cipd membership renewal date of 1st July, you will be required to pay at your own expense the CIPD membership. If you don't have up to date paid student membership CIPD can’t moderate your assessments, give you grades or award your qualification.  That’s why it is essential you maintain your Student Membership until your studies are completed.

Membership Benefits

As a Student Member, you will be equipped for success. You will benefit from professional content, study guides, and tips for your assessments.

Graduate opportunities: 84% of graduates achieve new roles as L&D Advisors, Employee relations specialists, Reward & Talent Managers and HR directors for some of the leading national and international organisations.

Entry criteria: There is a phone interview by the Admissions officer to confirm your eligibility to study this  Learning and Development course Dublin.

Award: Associate Diploma in Organisational Learning and Development
Award Body: CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development)
Level: 5 (England) comparable to level 7 (Republic of Ireland).
Students can progress on to complete a CIPD level 7 Diploma in Learning and development

What Our Students Say About Us

Very good learning and development online course, cipd is so well recognised. I got a job as a Learning and development business partner after completing. Studying at CMi, with online classes only once a week was the only way I could do this course. You have to allow another night for doing assignments. I would recommend studying at CMI, good experience overall.
Anne Marie Sherry
July 8th, 2022
Really delighted to complete this cipd learning and development level 7 at CMI. The teachers and weekly live classes was great. I would definitely recommend.
Margaret Walsh
July 29th, 2022
This part time learning and development course involved attending online classes one night a week which suited my busy schedule. The classes were recorded and I could playback if i missed a night. I found the team at CMI always helpful. Im really happy to having achieved my diploma in learning and development with CMI.
Karl Holmes
March 7th, 2022


The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development ( CIPD ) is a global professional body for all those involved in learning and development.

CIPD is the most recognised education body in the field of HR and Learning and Development with 6,000 members in Ireland and over 160,000 around the world

Yes lots.

You will join a CIPD community of 150,000 ambitious forward-thinking professionals whom you can network with, as well as connect with fellow Student Members for friendly support. You will gain access through the Student Hub access to the latest CIPD publications, research articles, resources and networks to support you in your studies.

The short answer is Yes. You will acquire the knowledge and competencies to become a L&D professional after completing this level 5 Associate Diploma in Learning and development

The majority of our graduates acquire new roles as L&D Advisors, Learning and development Managers, Employee relations specialists, Reward & Talent Managers and HR directors

Once CMI registers you for the CIPD qualification, you will then be registered to join the CIPD as a Student Member from the start of your studies for one year.

If you are not an active member, CIPD can’t moderate your assessments, give you grades or award your qualification.  That’s why it is essential you maintain your Student Membership after from 1st July each year, or at least until your studies are completed. Learn more about this Free offer

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CIPD Associate Diploma in Learning and development
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