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The CSI Crime Scene Investigation Diploma course is 4 months in duration and is the most recognised part time Crime Scene course in Ireland.

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The CSI Crime Scene Investigation Diploma course is Ireland's leading course in crime scene examination and oldest and most recognised. If you are interested in all aspects of crime scene investigation and pursuing a career, then this Diploma in Crime Scene Investigation course is ideal for you.


On this Diploma in Crime Scene Investigation course you will learn how to identify the various types of physical evidence of a crime. Evidence such as blood, fibres and fingerprints will be explored.

Part of this forensic science course, is being instructed how to undertake forensic investigation from collection of evidence to the steps involved in examination and recovery of trace evidence.

A big part of this crime scene investigator course is learning from an expert in the field, a retired Crime Scene Detective with An Garda Siochana (Police force of Ireland).

On this Forensic science and analysis course you will learn  how to approach the crime scene, package the evidence and the documentation required. This Forensic course will examine physical evidence of a crime scene such as DNA, blood, fibres and fingerprints.

Most importantly on this crime scene management course, you will be instructed how to present the evidence in a court room and will have the opportunity to be quizzed by a Criminal Barrister within a court room setting.


On this crime scene course, you will be taught by leaders in the field and delivered by a retired CSI detective from An Garda Siochana (Police force of Ireland) and a Criminal Barrister attached to the Criminal Courts, the course content is as real as it gets.

Higher Level

There is an option to apply for the longer 7 month Advanced Diploma in Crime Scene and Forensic Investigation course .


Award: CSI Crime Scene Investigation Diploma
CMI Professional Award
Career opportunities in An Garda Siochana, Police Service of Northern Ireland and Metropolitan Police in the UK. Specialist roles in the Welfare Service, Forensic Science Laboratories, Psychologists/Counselors
Education progression to Ordinary level 7 Degrees in Law, Social work, Biological Sciences, Sociology.


Yes this Crime Scene technician course will provide you with the foundation principles, but to progress further you will need to do the Advanced Diploma with CMI.

In Ireland, you need to be a member of An Garda Siochana before you can apply for a CSI role which is usually internally advertised . CSI Jobs are located in various Garda divisions e.g Dublin region . In the UK, the Police force hire civilians to do CSI work, and you don't need to be a member of the Police force. In Ireland and UK, civilian roles as Biologists working in forensic labs are non police roles open to the public.

The CSI Diploma offered by CMI is the oldest and most recognised professional award in this area. Past graduates include members of An Garda Siochana up to inspector level., Environmental officers, Biologists , well known Crime Thriller Authors and general public.

Yes this Diploma in Crime Scene Investigation has no exams, only practical assignments based around collection of evidence and presenting evidence in a court room

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