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CSI & Criminology Diploma

  • Course overview

    Criminology course & CSI course

        5 star reviews           'Really fascinating criminology and csi course, that inspires you to learn more. Both tutors were really excellent and are experts in their fields.  I will definitely be progressing on to the Advanced Diploma'  Anne O'Brien - More Reviews

    The Criminology & CSI Crime Scene Investigation Diploma course provides you with a comprehensive insight into the process of investigating crime scenes and the study of criminology. The Diploma in Criminology and CSI  is the only course in Ireland delivered by real crime scene managers and a barrister who works at the Criminal Courts . It is a fascinating course that is divided into the study of Crime Scene Investigation and Criminology. Unlike courses from other colleges that are not recognised, this Criminology course leads to a QQI Quality and Qualifications Ireland level 5 award.

    The Criminology section of the course, covers the scientific study of crime, including its causes, responses by law enforcement, penology, bio-criminology, feminist criminology and the study of crime detection. This section is delivered by Julia Leo, Barrister at Law, Criminal Courts.

    The Crime Scene Investigation also know as CSI, includes Crime Detection and investigation, forensic investigation techniques, forensic science and DNA analysis, and the documentation of the scene. This section is delivered by Tom Carey, Senior Crime Scene Investigator, An Garda Siochana who has over 30 years experience in the field.

    Graduates of this course can progress to join the Advanced Diploma in CSI and Forensic Science  which is endorsed by the world reknowned Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. This allows students to gain a chartered qualification.



    Award body: QQI-AWARD-LOGO (140kb)

    3 Assignments, 1 Exam

    1st Award: CSI & Criminology Diploma - CMI 
    Award Body:  CMI  

    2nd Award:  Criminology Level 5 Minor Award 5N2107 Further Education and Training (10Weeks)
    Award Body:  QQI - Quality and Qualifications Ireland

    Progression to the Advanced Diploma in CSI and Forensic Science which is endorsed by the world leader,  Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences. 

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    CSI & Forensic Science Advanced Diploma

    Criminal Psychology Diploma

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  • Modules

    The areas covered are:

    1. Crime Scene Investigation - Learning Outcomes

      Learners will be able to:

      1. Understand Forensic Science and identify physical evidence of a crime such as Blood, fibres, fingerprints
      2. Learn the steps involved in Crime Scene examination and recovery of trace evidence
      3. Identify impressions as Evidence: Toolmarks, Footwear, Firearms and Fingerprints.
      4. Identification of Body fluids, Confirmatory tests, Bloodstain Pattern Analysis (BPA)
      5. Explore DNA sampling and DNA profiling
      6. Outline examination of Questioned Documents
      7. Forensic Pathology and Human Identification; Death of victims
      8. CSI Kits and their application

      Criminology - Learning Outcomes

      1. Learn the definitions of a crime, criminology and what does it involve, role of criminologist.
      2. Understand penology and different theories of criminology
      3. Outline the structure of the Criminal Justice System
      4. Understand the link between drug use and crime
      5. Examine sentencing and imprisonment
      6. Study of Gender and Crime; Feminist criminologist theory; Strain, Control and Biological theory
      7. Methods of recording crime, CSO and Media Statistics
      8. The Criminal Justice Act 1984 and The Criminal Assets Bureau Act 1996
      9. Modern day phenomenon of white collar crime

    Career opportunities in  An Garda Siochana, Police Service of Northern Ireland and Metropolitan Police in the UK. Specialist roles in the Welfare Service, Forensic Science Laboratories, Psychologists/Counsellors/ Education progression to Ordinary level 7 Degrees in Law, Social work, Biological Sciences, Sociology.
  • Fees

    Classroom course is € 980.00 .
    Includes all tuition, registration, assessment and online notes.

    Applicants are required to pay a minimum deposit of €300 to secure a place on the programme. The balance of fees are due on or before programme commencement.

    See CMI Terms & Conditions for booking.

    Online Learning : €980.00

    How do I book

    Simply complete the online booking form  .

    Pay a 300 euro deposit online via Visa debit or Visa credit card

    Your place on the course is confirmed within 2-3 days of receipt of online booking/payment.

    Balance of payment is required before commencement of course.

    Online Bookings and payments are subject to CMI Terms & Conditions.

Course timetable

  • Classroom

    • Start: Wednesday 17th October 2018
    • End: December
    • Assigments: 3 assignments, 1 exam
    • Duration: 10 Weeks
    • Level: 5
    • Places: Limited
  • Online Learning

    • Start: Wednesday 17th October
    • End: December 2018
    • Assigments: 3 Assignments 1 exam
    • Duration: 10 weeks Self Study Pre -Recorded Lectures
    • Level: 5
    • Places: Available



Tom Carey is a retired Detective Sergeant from An Garda Síochána. Tom worked in the Ballistics Department of the Garda Technical Bureau as well as the Garda Bomb Data Centre. His duties as Senior Technical Investigator and Crime Scene Manager included analysis of crime scenes, firearm investigation and fire scene examinations. His responsibilities involved routine meetings with senior management of An Garda Síochána to report and appraise the force on all technical intelligence, data and issues relating to the use of IED’s (Improvised Explosive Devices). His work entailed creating intelligence reports for security meetings and acting as liaison officer to agencies including the FBI and PSNI. Tom lectures with CMI on the CSI & Criminology course and the Advanced Diploma in CSI & Forensic Science course. 


CMI_Headshots_Julia Leo 14_SmallB

Julia Leo qualified as a barrister in 2011. She has a mixed civil and criminal practice, focusing on areas of tort and personal injury law, criminal law, contract law and defamation. Julia holds an LL.B. from the University of Limerick and an LL.M from Trinity College Dublin. She is a part-time lecturer in business law, media law and criminology at the Communications & Management Institute, Dublin since 2012.

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