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CSI & Forensic Studies Advanced Diploma

Starts: Tues 4th October 2022 - 20 weeks - 18.30 -21.30

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The CSI Crime Scene Investigation and Forensic Science Advanced Diploma is 7 months in duration and is the longest running part time Crime Scene investigation course in Ireland.

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This highly specialised Advanced Diploma course examines the preservation, documentation and collection of evidence at the crime scene. You will learn how to approach the crime scene, package the evidence and the documentation required. The full range of crime scene investigation methods will be examined. This including examining trace evidence, impressions, Body Fluids, DNA, questioned documents, and fingerprints as well as the investigation of a fire scene and firearms.

Typical students include members of An Garda Siochana up to Inspector rank, Environmental officers, Biologists, Chemists, Crime thriller Authors, teachers, and those with a general interest in this area.

The life of a real Crime Scene Investigator is examined and students are trained how to use a Forensic CSI Kit which include:  Protective Clothing, CSI Tape to preserve crime scene, Evidence bags, Cards, Swabs and finger print powder. Each student will then be required to assess a mock crime scene and collect evidence.

Presenting Evidence
You will have an opportunity to present the evidence in a staged trial with real acting barristers. This is as real as it gets.


You will be assessed on how you processed a mock crime scene, on how you collected  and recorded evidence.

Career opportunities

These include career opportunities in An Garda Siochana, Police Service of Northern Ireland and Metropolitan Police in the UK. Specialist roles in the Welfare Service, Forensic Science Laboratories, Psychologists/Counselors .


You will learn crime scene investigation methods and procedures from leading experts in the field. The teaching team are retired Crime scene managers from An Garda Siochana and current Criminology Barristers attached to the Criminal Courts.

Professional Award: CSI Crime Scene Investigation & Forensic Science Advanced Diploma
Award Body: CMI
Level: Advanced Diploma
Education progression to Ordinary level 7 Degrees in Law, Social work, Biological Sciences, Sociology


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CSI & Forensic Studies Advanced Diploma
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Starts: Tues 4th October 2022 - 20 weeks - 18.30 -21.30
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