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Starts: Tues 14th February 2023 - 10 weeks - 18.30 -21.30

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Starts: Tues 25th April 2023 - 10 weeks - 18.30 -21.30

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This online environmental course Ireland will provide you with the knowledge and skills to work in the environmental sector

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The environment is the burning issue of the 21 century and an existential threat to humanity. With huge opportunities and challenges,  doing an online environmental course offers an opportunity to look at ways to protect the survival of our populations.

This part time environmental online course is ideal for people with no prior experience who wish to advance their knowledge and help make change happen. Many participants who do this online environmental course in Ireland, are seeking new ways to design and implement environment strategies that will make a real difference to the way we live .

Part time environmental courses Ireland such as this, will ensure you learn about:

-  the earths natural resources
- the relationship between population and the environment
- sustainable development
- greenhouse effect and  difference between conservation and preservation.
- the environment in relation to EU Law and Regulation, Ethics and the how to devise an Environmental Impact Assessment.

Online environmental courses Ireland, will ensure you make change happen by:

- Addressing the causes of Environmental pollution and put forward solutions to contemporary environmental problems
- Independently responding to issues arising within your local and regional environment,
- Understand key practices of environmental management and the processes involved in their implementation.

Students will be able to debate international protocol, regulation and legislation that guide the resolution of these issues.

Environmental Courses Dublin

Part of this Environmental Management course addresses issues such as environmental impact caused by; boating; chemicals; oil spills, greenhouse gases and waste.  Working in environment management requires focus on  environmental risk management; fisheries ; flooding and coastal change; Forestry; Land Management.

Become Active

Join us on this action packed 10 week environmental studies course , and become part of a growing global community of like minded individuals wishing to change policy and make the earth a better place.

Job opportunities

This Environmental management course Ireland offers lots of career opportunities for graduates including roles in the energy, horticulture, and renewable sectors. Roles include but not limited to are: 

Renewables Energy Manager, Environmental Management consultant, Environmental education officer, Environmental engineer, Environmental Planner, Hydrologist, Environmental ecologist, Ecological modeler, Commercial horticulturist, Environmental chemist, Conservation volunteer or scientist, Waste Management, Renewables, Sustainable solutions officer, Forester or parks and wildlife ranger.

Many of these jobs are within government agencies, while others are with private firms and nonprofit organisations.

Award: Environmental Studies Level 5 Minor Award 5N1442 QQI
Award Body: QQI - Quality and Qualifications Ireland
Level: 5
Progress to Level 5 Major Award Applied Ecology 5M5028

What Our Students Say About Us

I looked up online environmental courses Ireland and found this course to be the best. It gave me a great insight into the key environmental issues and how to resolve them. The Teacher is an environmental scientist and she really helped me appreciate the complexity of our planet.
Anna Robertson
June 12, 2022
I always wanted to do an environmental course from Dublin. I work in the council and found this environmental studies course really interesting. The live online class is definitely a more eco friendly approach than driving miles to a college. I would recommend doing this online environmental course with CMI Ireland.
Seamus McNamara
April 16, 2022
There are lots of part time environmental courses in Ireland but this suited me as it was only 10 weeks and there was no exam. I’m also very active in my community, with tidy villages and beekeeping and the activism part really appealed to me as we all need to do our part to save our precious planet. A great part time environmental course.
Ian Morris
July 11, 2022


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Environmental Studies QQI
Course Dates:
Starts: Tues 14th February 2023 - 10 weeks - 18.30 -21.30
Available Formats:
Live Online
Payment Options:
Deposit, In Full
Environmental Studies QQI
Course Dates:
Starts: Tues 25th April 2023 - 10 weeks - 18.30 -21.30
Available Formats:
Live Online
Payment Options:
Deposit, In Full

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