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Occupational Health & Safety Diploma

  • Course overview

    Health & Safety Diploma courses

    5 star reviews   ' This Health and Safety course has great course materials and is more up to date than what is offered elsewhere and the timescale was very appealing.  A must if you wish to become a health and safety officer'   Henry Walshe - More Reviews

    CMI's School of Health, Safety & Environmental is the leading authority in health and safety courses offering part-time classroom and online learning options. 

    Completing a good health and safety course is one of the best decisions you can ever make for a rewarding career in health and safety. This Health and Safety Diploma course is designed to meet the high standards for working as a health and safety officer in Ireland and reflects the most current Irish /EU legislation. There is a huge demand for health and safety officer jobs in Ireland. Read more here. 

    The Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety is an excellent course offering better pass rates and a better student experience.  

    There are 3 core units; Health & Safety Management, Health in the workplace and Health & Safety workplace culture. A real focus on European Health & Safety legislation as it relates to members states makes it very relevant in the Republic of Ireland. This 1 year programme will provide you with the necessary career opportunities and knowledge to have a long and successful career as a Health and Safety officer and Health and Safety Manager.  

    A Unique approach, that gets you the result

    CMI's unique incremental approach to learning, allows you to apply what you learn each week over a 9 month time frame. The is delivered over 3 ten week terms.  The course deliberately avoids the 'boot camp' intensive day learning approach which results in higher failure and lower retention rates. CMI provide an incremental approach to learning, so that you are well prepared to successfully pass the rigorous assignments and examinations throughout the course. 

    Course Aims

    This Diploma course in Occupational Health & Safety is designed to provide you with the expertise required to undertake a promising career as a health and safety officer or manager . The course is a professional qualification and not aligned to any level of any framework.

    Entry Criteria

    Newcomers to Health & Safety are advised to consider doing the BSC General Certificate in Occupational Health & Safety with CMI first, however you may apply for the Diploma and admissions will check your eligibility (based on past work experience and qualifications achieved).

    Award body: CMI Health Safety awards council
    You will learn how to do incident reporting and investigation, implement and monitor various health and safety policies and procedures, conduct audits, and most importantly put forward solutions to common day workplace health and safety issues.

    Award:  Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety
    Joint Award Body:  CMI endorsed by Health & Safety Awards Council

    Students can apply for membership to Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)

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  • Modules

    The International Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety is divided into 3 units:

    • Module 1: Health and Safety Management
    • Module 2: Health in the Workplace
    • Module 3: Health and Safety Culture in the Workplace

    Examination and Assignment Details

    • Module 1: 3 Hour Exam 
    • Module 2: Exam & Assignment 
    • Module 3: Assignment

    What do you get?

    • Access to online learning system
    • Weekly online course notes
    • Past exam papers
    • Tutor & Exam Support
    • For Classroom course, classes one night per week
    • Free E-Text Book valued at 170 euro
  • Fees

    Live Online Classes

    Learn more about Online classes

    Live Online Learning:  Now - €3,250.00

    Includes all tuition, registration, assessment and online notes.

    How do I book

    Online Booking: Simply complete the online booking form .

    Pay a minimum deposit of €300 to secure a place 

    The balance of fees is due before programme commencement and can be paid by clicking here

    Your place on the course is confirmed within 2-3 days of receipt of online booking/payment.

    Online Bookings and payments are subject to CMI Terms & Conditions.

    Sponsorship: Students must still pay a deposit of 300 euro to secure their place irrespective of whether they are being sponsored by an employer or other body. 

    Once payment is received in full for the course by the sponsor, the student will receive a 300euro deposit refund.


Course timetable

  • Classroom

    • Start: Thursday 8th October 18.30-21.30 ( 1 night per week ) Location South William Street Dublin 2
    • End: July 2021
    • Assigments: 2 exams; 1 Assignment; 1 Project
    • Duration: 1 year part time; 3 x 10 week terms 1 night per week 18.30 -21.30 ( Thursdays )
    • Level: Industry Award
    • Places: Limited Places Available
  • Online Live Classes

    • Start: Thursday 8th October 2020
    • End: July 2021
    • Assigments:
    • Duration: 1 year part time; 3 x 10 week terms
    • Level: Industry Award
    • Places: Available


Niall Walsh is a dedicated Health & Safety Professional with over 12 year's experience working in Safety , Environmental and Quality Management positions in Ireland and Australia . Niall is currently the the Head of HSEQ for NDT Global in the oil and gas industry .  He holds a BSC Honours Degree in Occupational Safety and Health from IT Sligo . Niall presently is lecturing with CMI on the Occupational Health & Safety Diploma . 
Stephen Massey
Stephen Massey is currently the Health Safety and Environmental Manager for Shannon Transport Logistics (STL) and is responsible for reporting to Diageo daily on site safety. He holds a H Dip in Occupational Health & Safety and previously worked as a volunteer member of the Irish Coastguard.  He teaches Unit 2 as part of the Diploma in Occupational Health & Safety with CMI.

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