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Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management

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Take your procurement and supply chain management career to the next step with the CIPS Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply. This course is designed for intermediate to senior procurement and supply professionals who have completed the level 4 Diploma CIPS qualification.

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The Advanced Diploma in Procurement and Supply Chain Management is a advanced chartered qualification awarded by the prestigious CIPS, the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (UK).

This supply chain management course will bring your learning to the next advanced stage of your journey with CMI and is the second year of the CIPS suite of professional qualifications.

On this Purchase Management course, learn :

  • How to manage supply chain risk
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Practice advanced negotiation techniques
  • Manage contract and finances.
  • Analyse potential sources of risk
  • Identify strategic, operational and project based areas of risk
  • Overcome human resistance to change
  • How to implement change successfully in supply chain management

In addition, the Procurement and Supply Chain Management Advanced Diploma course will examine diverse purchase management practices including the importance of organisational structures and managing different cultures. This advanced diploma in purchase management covers techniques to deal with conflict within teams and with suppliers.

Graduate demand: 
Graduates of the advanced diploma in supply chain management are in high demand across several industries and sectors, but particularly roles as senior buyers and procurement and supply chain managers for ; food, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, construction, transport, insurance, and facilities sectors.

CIPS Centre of Excellence awarded to CMI, 10 years in a row!
CMI has been awarded the CIPS Centre of Excellence every year for the past 10 years, so we must be doing something right. At the National Procurement Awards, we won the Best Education Provider of the Year. Our Graduates constantly achieve the best results in Ireland and the UK. Come join us and enjoy achieving !

Entry criteria
Students must have achieved the CIPS Diploma or be awaiting their final results on remaining units.

Master degree options: 
Graduates of the advanced diploma in procurement and supply are eligible to progress directly into a Masters degree with a leading university. Take the next challenge and be one step closer to doing that Master degree in Procurement Management.
Award: Advanced Diploma in Procurement & Supply
Award Body: CIPS, Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (UK)
Level 5 (England) comparable to level 6 (Ireland)
Upon completion of the Advanced Diploma, students are eligible to pursue the level 6 Professional Diploma in Procurement & Supply and gain full membership of CIPS.

What Our Students Say About Us

I researched a lot of purchase management courses but it was important for me to do a globally recognised Chartered supply chain management course. I currently work as a Senior Buyer and doing this advanced diploma in procurement and supply has really helped my career and salary status. Doing this has accelerated my earnings. Thanks CMI.
Odessa Ryan
February 2nd, 2022
I had looked at various supply chain management courses but this one offered by CMI allowed me to study online and do exams from wherever I wanted. As I live in Kerry, I was able to study the textbooks, attend the online classes and do the exam remotely. This really suited my current hectic home and work schedule.
Nicola Crosse
April 7th, 2022
This advanced diploma in purchase management was very enjoyable and I enjoyed the online classes and group work. This purchasing management course was well spaced out and not crammed and definitely doable for busy people like me. I found the team at CMI always very helpful. If you need to do a supply chain management course, then consider this one first.
Tim Curtis
June 26th, 2022


The short answer is Yes. This is the highest level of qualification offered by CIPS and is designed for those seeking to get a senior role in procurement and supply chain management.

It is rated at medium difficulty and is designed for busy full time professionals.

The short answer is Yes. 84% of our graduates are accepted and enroll on the level 8 Professional Diploma. in Procurement and Supply giving them access to a range of Masters degrees.

Yes that is correct. Please budget for when you are registering to sit exams each term, CIPS exam fees* (approx £89- £129 per unit) and annual student membership fee** (approx £198)

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