Best Education Procurement Project of the Year 2019



Mr John O’Toole and Natalie O’Toole, received the Best Education Project of the Year Award from Eavan O’Halloran, judge at the Procurement Awards ceremony, held at the Ballsbridge Hotel, 14 November 2019.

Project Aim:

The design and implementation of a Computer Based Exams project for CMI students involved high level project management and delivery, in a short 5 month period from March – July 2019.

This project deserves praise and recognition to all members of the team who were involved. It was an incredible task that some members of staff involved who had little or no knowledge on what Computer Based Exams (CBE) was, had to familiarise themselves and learn about CBE, and deliver a challenging project on time overcoming several hurdles on the way.

Team Involved:

  • Managing Director
  • Exam Secretary
  • Education officer
  • The Exam Centre
  • CIPS Assessment Team
  • Testreach Software
  • CMI’s Web Developer



Outcomes & Results:

The outcome of the transition to computer-based exams was very positive. How we made the transition was better and smoother than we expected.

  • The success of the Computer based exams launch in July 2019 was down to testing, testing and more testing prior to the big launch day.
  • Despite that confidence we had, one of the first exams had a 1-hour delay technical hitch, but this was on the Testreach software side and was quickly resolved.
  • Students now have the flexibility to book online multiple exam units when and where they please.
  • As CMI is the only CB exam centre of Excellence in Ireland for procurement and supply students, we feel we are a ‘trailblazer’ in this regard.
  • The learning and competencies gained from engaging with new technologies has kick started our team to now work on further projects
  • Positive reviews and feedback from students on this innovative way of testing has given us encouragement to continue to innovate in other areas of the business
  • Technology in exams is here to stay and not something in the distant future. Our small team at CMI, feel we are deserving the recognition for this hard work. Our focus is always to be open to new and innovative solutions to give students the very best service and experience.