QUALITY MANAGEMENT , Diversify your Environmental and Health & Safety qualifications.


A recent survey carried out, indicates that career minded people who have a set of related qualifications, set themselves apart from the rest.


More and more roles are being advertised for EHSQ – Environmental, Health Safety and Quality Management professionals.


To avoid having 2 or 3  people carry out  the EHSQ function, employers are looking to save on costs and upskill ONE employee instead.


The trend across several industries and sectors is that key areas of EHSQ responsibility are being merged into one role.


The CQI is the Chartered Quality Institute (UK) and is the only Chartered qualification for Quality Managers.


There are very good reasons to add this to your current qualifications:


  1. Quality effects both public and private sector organisations.
  2. Good Quality Managers are sought after by the top 100 best places to Work.
  3. The profession is a niche career area with a high salary and complements EHS roles.
  4. Recognised by Ofqual to level 5 in England, which is broadly equivalent to level 7 in the Republic of Ireland
  5. Qualification can be achieved in less than 18 months by distance or classroom.
  6. CMI is the only provider of this course in Republic of Ireland
  7.  With less than 25 graduates per year in Ireland, graduates have no competition.

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