The world of business is a complex arena. Research is constantly on-going to ensure that the daily running of a company is in line with best practice and the latest trends. The ever-growing area of commerce has to be fluid. For a business to thrive it has to be willing to alter and adjust according to the newest developments and guidelines. But what is any business model without that pinch of kindness?

It is the very thing that makes a business human. The premise upon which people are either reluctant or excited to return to an establishment or to buy a product. That anecdote about the friendly teller at the bank. The story you heard at work about that shop who spoke to your colleague in that way. The bad taste in your mouth versus the feeling of wanting to return as soon as possible. Kindness is an important factor in a successful business. “Good morning, how can I help you?” – so simple and yet so powerful. The first introduction to the business is a warm sentence with a friendly and helpful tone. It is very important.

A recent news story told the tale of a British student who was visiting Ireland. He spoke highly of the hospitality he experienced and specifically highlighted one Dublin café for it’s kindness. He ordered a very small snack due to lack of funds and was served a meal on the house. The waitress and owner recognised that he was struggling financially and ordered the very cheapest thing off the menu. He shared his story with reddit where it was seen by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. He commended Ireland for it’s kindness and warmth. This is the very thing that highlights a business as being a kind establishment. Granted, the café made no money at all from the student’s visit however this is the kind of story that people will spread throughout their circles. It is a feel-good tale about human compassion and generosity. It will send people to the café and the sales will no doubt increase dramatically.

The corporate world can often depict itself as a cold place. High rise buildings, tailored suits and open places offices set the tone. However, beneath the intricate business model and carefully executed plans lies a workforce and customer base of human beings. And, you see, kindness sells.

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