Times are changing. Gone are the days where one person in an organization did the marketing, administration, sales and HR. For some businesses it is a necessity while the company grows but it is generally not considered ideal. We are living in a time that having a professional HR department is really vital to the success of your organization.

The importance of qualified HR professionals stems from the fact that their role is to protect the company and the staff. It is an incredibly unique role which has everyone’s best interests at heart. There are many benefits to having a structured HR procedure. In many respects it allows the company to function more efficiently. The CEO, general manager and every other member of staff can truly focus on their specific roles and responsibilities. Many members of higher management report that dealing with everyday queries such as holiday requests and training takes up far too much of their day. Delegating a qualified person to take on this role frees up their time to focus on running and growing the business to it’s full potential.

Then comes the complex matter of staff morale, training and rewards. This is something that has a direct relation to the level of work ethic and commitment offered from staff. If staff feel appreciated they want to work harder and give more. A company that invests in training and development is more likely to be a company that staff wish to stay in.

Brighter times have come in the employment world. Individuals now have a greater choice when it comes to the place that they work. Candidates can be selective and really consider which employer is offering the best package for them. They feel confident and qualified and they know the difference that their expertise will make to the company. These employment packages are largely due to the way in which contracts are articulates and compiled. A qualified and skilled HR manager will create this document with the company’s future goals in mind. This document is incredibly important legally also. It ensures that the company is not vulnerable and exposed. It is a mutual agreement between employer and employee. A legal document.


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