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Read carefully before booking CIPS exams

1. Student Booking

When you enroll on a CMI - CIPS course, you will need to book CIPS exams through the CMI exam booking page for each term (exam series). There are a number of options available to you and please read the exam information carefully and choose the correct options when completing the CMI exam booking form.

2. CIPS Student Membership

First Step is to book exam unit(s) with CMI . This is done on a term by term basis, only booking units you are currently studying.

To do that you must first purchase a CIPS student membership, click here  to buy CIPS student membership.  Student membership costs approx £191 and is one year in duration from date of receipt of membership.

If the exams are not completed in thae membership year a second year membership must be applied for. When you receive your membership on your MyCIPS account, do NOT proceed to book exams directly with CIPS. As a learner of CMI, you are required to book exams directly through the CMI Webpage.  CMI are not responsible for students who make exam bookings directly with CIPS in error.  

How do I proceed to book exams with CMI?
When you have received your CIPS membership number, you can now proceed with booking CIPS exams through the CMI Exam Booking portal

Enter your CIPS membership number on the CMI Exam Booking form and proceed to choosing the type of exam booking, centre options, the level of Diploma and then the units you wish to take for the upcoming exams.

Once we receive your booking through the CMI website, we will enter your booking directly with CIPS. Your exams will then appear in the MyCIPS section of your CIPS account 10 days after the closing date for exam bookings.

When booking, Choose Applicant type from options below:

- Computer Based Exam Centre  (most popular cheapest option)
- Remote Invigilation   
(Used for students who live remotely to the exam centre location . A surcharge applies for remote invigilation as the student invigilator ratio is only 8-1 in comparison to 30-1)



3. Payment
You are responsible to book individual CIPS exams directly with CMI and through CMIs booking platform prior to each terms exam entry deadline . You must book CIPS exams directly here through the CMI website. 

Level: When choosing CIPS level, choose either:
'Diploma at Exam Centre' OR
'Cashel Road - Special needs exam centre' OR
'Diploma by Remote Invigilation - RI'. 

It is important to choose the correct option as choosing Diploma at an exam centre is a cheaper option.

A payment receipt is automatically forwarded to your email address, which you can bring with you as verification on the day of the exam. No exam bookings are processed unless an online payment has been made. Please note that there are no refunds for exam bookings or for deferrals to another exam period.

4. Exam periods
There are FOUR exam periods each year. Please choose the exam period when booking with CMI:


Exams are split across two weeks.

There are two kinds of CIPS exams:

-     Objective response (OR) exams, which are multiple choice
-     Constructed response (CR) exams, which are essay-style

The minimum score required to pass an OR exam is 70%. For CR exams, the minimum score for a pass is 50%. All CIPS exams are computer-based.

All OR exams take place in the first week, while CR exams take place in the second week.

Students can book exam units with CMI for the next period of examinations. It is recommended a maximum number of two to three exam units are attempted in any one exam period. Exams should be booked on a term-by-term basis by the deadline dates provided.

Repeat exams can be booked for any CIPS exam period. 

5. Computer based Exam Centre
Please chose the exam location.
All CIPS exams take place in our dedicated CIPS exam centre in Sandyford Exam Centre, Dublin 18, Ireland.
Choosing an Exam centre takes away any responsibility and technical issues you could face if opting for the remote invigilation option.
Depending if you have special needs requirements (e.g., you require an exam reader), your exams can also take place in our exam centre in Dublin 12.


6. Remote Invigilation RI*
This option has become more popular and allows you sit the exam anywhere. It is approximately 39euro extra for each unit. Software is downloaded to your PC and you have a dedicated Invigilator for the exam.

To sit a CIPS online remote exam, you will need a desktop or laptop computer, a webcam and mobile device with a camera and a constant, stable and speedy internet connection. You also need to have access to a private room without any disturbances for the whole duration of the exam. We’ve provided some helpful guidance to help you understand more about CIPS online remote exams

You must meet the minimum technical requirements outlined below:

  • Mac 10.8+ or Windows 7+ operating system Important note: Surface Pro/iPads/tablets/notebooks are not compatible with the testing software so you cannot take your exam on any of those devices
  • Intel Core i3 (or equivalent) and 4GB RAM 
  • A working webcam, microphone, and speaker system 
  • Continuous internet speed of a minimum of 516 kbps
  • A comfortable-size computer screen of at least 11 inches to minimise fatigue.

A compatible mobile device:

  •  iOS – iOS 13.4 and above. Devices – iPhone 7,7 plus, 8, 8 plus, X, XS, XS Max, XR, 11, 11 pro, 11 Max Pro, SE (2nd gen), iPad Air 2 (and above), iPad Mini 4, All iPad Pro model
  • Android – 8.0 and above.

Can't meet the requirements? 

Students that cannot meet these requirements should not book online remote exams and should book CIPS exams directly through CMI Booking website. 

7. Selecting a time and date for your OR exam

The times for OR exams are flexible—these exams can be sat on any day (Monday to Friday) during the first week of each exam period at 9 AM, 12 noon or 3 PM.  The second week, CR 3 hour typed written exams are fixed dates are not flexible.            

On the CIPS exam timetable, there is a default time and date assigned for each OR exam (usually Monday or Wednesday at  a specificied time). If you wish to select an alternative time and date, simply book your exam as normal and then email with your preferred time and date.

The CR exam are set dates and times and cannot be changed.

8. Reasonable Accommodations

If you require additional supports for your exam, please email admin@ We will then be in touch to discuss your options with you.

9. Deferrals

Requests to defer exams should be submitted within one week of the exam booking closure date. After this time, requests for deferrals are handled on a case-by-case basis by the CIPS Assessment Team.

Requests should be made to the CMI Education Officer at


CMI CIPS Exam Centre Ireland

Unit F, Time Place, 
21 Corrig Road, 
Dublin 18, Ireland

DirectionsGoogle Map
Luas: Stillorgan Stop
Parking: Beacon South Quarter Parking Directions
First 2 hours free, €2 for the 3rd hour, €2 for the fourth hour.  
Maximum charge of €4 for up to 12 hours.

 Exam centre

12. Reasonable Adjustment

If you have special need requirements , i.e have a condition that could impair the performance of your exam, special arrangements can be made in advance. It is possible due to your condition, you require additional time before or after the exam, or require a Scribe/ Reader. 

Candidates wishing to apply for special consideration under the CIPS Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration policy must contact CMI directly in advance, within the first 4 weeks of commencing your programme. You will be required to complete a Reasonable Adjustment form and supply supporting evidence (e.g Medical report) to the CMI Assessment Team. Request a form here:

CMI Exam Team : 

CMI Exam Team will forward the completed form to the CIPS Assessment Team. If CIPS approve your Reasonable Adjustment request, the CMI Exam Team will be in contact with you. The cost of additional adjustment support services will be quoted to you and the cost will depend on the nature of your request.  You can pay here These requests must be paid, agreed with CMI, arranged and finalised 2 weeks before the exam entry closure date.

Guidance on CIPS Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration policy 
read more here.   

13. Special Consideration
In the event circumstances affect your performance at an exam, you can put in a a special consideration request within 7 days of the exam. You must provide supporting evidence e.g. letter from the doctor, hospital and must apply directly to the CIPS Assessment Team.

Inability to sit the exam:

Absence or no show at an exam sitting for non-medical reasons will result in no credit to your account and you forfeit the money you paid for your place. You will be required to re-register for the exam.

If illness prevents you from attending the exam, you should provide a written explanation to CMI 24 hours before the exam starting day/time supported by a medical certificate. The exam fee will be credited to your account for future use, and a new examination enrollment will be required.  Contact: 

CMI Exam Team

CMI has a dedicated Computer Based Exam centre in Cashel Road, Dublin 12 for Reasonable Adjustment and Special Consideration. 


Computer Exam Room Networked



14 A Block B,
Cashel Business Centre,
Cashel rd,
Dublin 12

T: 01 492 7070

Directions: Google Map

Working hours: Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 17:30

Parking: Free on-street

Bus: 18, 83, 77N to Stanaway Road, Kimmage/Crumlin

Nearest Bus Stop: Bus 9, 54A to Kimmage, Lower Kimmage Road (Fortfield Road)

cashel rd

14. Please read CIPS Rules and Regulations document prior to sitting an exam in the Computer Based Exam Centre. Please check the venue location prior to your journey to the exam centre.