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Live Online Classes

Virtual class


Live online classes 
Recorded for playback
Camera facility to see teacher and fellow students
Open microphone to talk to teacher or fellow students
Chat box to contribute or ask questions during class
Interactive quiz polls
Break out rooms to do timed tasks with fellow students

With CMI Online learning courses, you will enjoy an interactive learning environment on our exclusive and unique learning platform. Enjoy face to face interaction with your teacher and classmates, chat via comments boxes, enjoy a full online class which is recorded for playback purposes. 

Access a full range of live classes and recordings, online resources, including E textbook, E-library, interactive quizzes and weekly updated content, all from the comfort of your home. 

Advice on participating in live online classrooms

The Virtual classroom

How it works
Each week, your teacher will set up a virtual classroom. This is an online space where
teachers and learners can interact with one another. The teacher can present material using
a slide show, and provide audio commentary.

As a learner, you will be able to listen along with your teacher, and interact via audio (using
your own microphone) or the public chat system. In this way, you will be able to ask questions
or contribute to discussions in real time. Each live lecture will be recorded, so you will be able to listen back at a later point.

What you’ll need
To join in live classes, all you will need is an internet-enabled device (e.g., a laptop, PC,
tablet or smart phone) and a connection to the internet. Online classes are hosted on Moodle, so you will also need an internet browser on your device. We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox as these browsers seems to work best with the software for distance lectures.

Accessing the virtual classroom
You can access each lecture each week through the online platform Moodle. Past recording will also be available each week a few hours after each online class.

Participating -  Microphone or listen only

When you first access the online classroom, you will be asked how you would like to join the audio, with two options:

Microphone—This option will allow you to use the microphone on your device to take part in the lecture To use this option, you will need to have a microphone enabled on your device, and a quiet location in which to watch the lecture. Please be conscious of your teacher and fellow students, and avoid disruptive noises. (For example, on a tablet or laptop with integrated microphone, using the mousepad or touch screen will likely produce audible noises that could be disruptive.)

Listen only
Selecting this option will allow you to listen in to the lecture without contributing audio. When using this option, you will still have the option to interact via Public Chat.

At any point during the online class , you can switch between these two options by clicking the small headset button at the bottom of the screen.  Note that, depending on the speed of your internet connection, using your microphone (or webcam—see below) could impact on the quality of the lecture.

If you find that you are experiencing a slow or choppy connection, try disabling your microphone to see if this improves the quality of your experience. They can be reactivated at any time using the buttons along the bottom of the screen.

Public Chat

Public Chat is located along the left side of the screen—use this space to join in discussions or ask questions to your lecturer or classmates.


You can activate the webcam on your device by clicking the small camera icon at the bottom of the screen. However, we would advise against doing this, as it will take up bandwidth for the classroom and could have a negative impact on the quality of the distance lecture for yourself and other students.

Break out Rooms

Participate in break out rooms in groups with fellow students for a fixed duration , to work on tasks assigned by your teacher.


Each lecture will be recorded to allow students to revisit and especially useful for revision. Recordings include the slide show, all audio and webcam components of the lecture (including those of students if enabled), and any comments entered into Public Chat.

Complete Personal Details

Complete details

Fill in a form below and enrollment questionnaire.
All mandatory fields on the Online Booking form to be completed and press submit information at the bottom of the Book Online webpage. You will receive an immediate email of details inserted on the booking form.

Choose Payment Option

Choose payment

A payment is required to secure the booking. There is the option of the following:

A)  Pay 300euro deposit online - Choosing this option you will be required to submit your VISA, Debit Card or Laser Card details online. This is a secured online payment facility offered by Realex International Payments provider. Once the deposit is received Admissions will process your booking.

B) Pay in Full Online - chose this option and submit online your visa or laser card details. Your booking will be immediately processed by admissions as a priority. Whatever course you choose on the booking form, the advertised fee will be deducted from your visa or laser.

C) Forward Payment  - this option is not available internationally but within Republic of Ireland only. Bookings are not confirmed until payment by cheque or bank transfer has been received.  If you are getting the course sponsored, a minimum of a deposit is required to secure your place which will be fully refunded after sponsor payment has been received. Check with CMI Accounts to see whether your employer paid and to receive invoice/receipt

D) Pay Fees after paying Booking Deposit - CMI allow you to pay the balance of your course fees either by making an online payment or by Calling and they will process your payment over the phone- To Pay online.

E)  Course Fees Payable in Advance - All course fees are payable in advance. The deposit is deducted from the overall course fee and the balance of payment is required before start date of course.

Make Secure Online Payment

Make payment

Provide your credit card details.
Be sure that all details entered are securely processed by Realex and will be encrypted for transactions.

Online Bookings and payments are subject to CMI Terms & Conditions.

If you are being sponsored by an employer or other body, you must still pay a deposit of 300 euro to secure your place irrespective of whether you are being sponsored by an employer or other body. Once payment is received in full from the employer or sponsor for the course, you will receive a 300euro deposit refund.

Admissions will confirm your place, usually within 2- 3 days of receipt of your booking. All course booking information is reviewed against eligibility criteria by Admissions. You will also receive written notification from admissions within 7 working days of your confirmation on your chosen course. Any applicant not eligible will have their deposit or full payment immediately refunded. CMI reserves the right to refuse an applicant a place if they do not satisfy the eligibility criteria for their chosen course.