Quality Assurance

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 Quality Assurance & Enhancement

The Academic Board has a quality assurance function delegated with the responsibility for the oversight and implementation of academic quality assurance standards at CMI. The Academic Board discharges these responsibilities through a series of committees each of which have clearly defined terms of reference, and which report back, and are directly answerable, to the Academic Board.

The Academic Board is chaired by Caroline McKenna-Cooper for further education programmes and Dr Cormac Doran for higher education programmes both of whom have significant education expertise and experience. Meet our Team.

Quality Assurance Manual

Section 1.0
Governance and Management of Quality

Section 2.0 

Documented Approach to Quality Assurance

Section 3.0 
Programmes of Education & Training

Section 4.0 
Staff recruitment, Management and Development

Section 5.0 
Teaching & Learning

Section 6.0 
Assessment of Learners

Section 7.0 
Support for Learners

Section 8.0 
Information and Data Management

Section 9.0 
Public Information and Communication

Section 10.0 
Other parties involved in Education & Training

Section 11.0 
Self-Evaluation Monitoring & Review

Publication of Quality Assurance Evaluation Reports
Quality improvement plan 2020
Annual Quality Plan 2020