The following extract has been taken from the National Procurement Service.

The Office of Government Procurement (OGP) has commenced the next phase of its recruitment campaign this week through the Public Appointments Service (PAS). Expressions of interest are being sought from civil and public servants currently serving in the grade of Principal Officer, or equivalent, for the posts of Procurement Portfolio Managers (5 positions) and Head of Spot Buying. The notices are being circulated to all Departments/Offices and sectors through the normal channels and the closing date for the receipt of expressions of interest is Friday 17th January.

These are the first of a number of such notices which will issue over the coming weeks for posts at various levels across all OGP functions, including sourcing, operations, customer service and policy. As the notices for these sourcing and non-sourcing roles issue, updates will be posted on the “Buyers News and Event” section of

The OGP will commence operations during the first half of this year and will in due course take full responsibility for procurement policy and procedures and, together with four key Sectors, for sourcing all goods and services on behalf of the public service.  The OGP will have key partners in the Health, Defence, Education and Local Government sectors.

The total staffing level of the OGP (central) including the Chief Procurement Officer will be 226, of which there will be 147 sourcing staff. Approximately 60 people are already in place, including key members of the OGP Management Team – Sourcing Director, Policy Director, Head of Operations, Head of Corporate Affairs and Head of Customer Service. The four sector retained procurement functions will have a further sourcing staff complement of 112.

A Joint Implementation Committee, representative of IMPACT, SIPTU, PSEU, AHCPS, CPSU and OGP Management is working to ensure a smooth transition to the new Office of Government Procurement.

Detailed background information on the establishment of the OGP and how posts in it will be filled is available to download here.

To coincide with the recruitment, it is intended to hold a number of information / communication events at various centres across the country at the end of January / beginning of February.  The purpose of these events is to provide updates and information on the development of the OGP and the recruitment campaign.  The venues currently under consideration are Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Sligo.

Further details will be posted on the “Buyers News and Event” section of when the dates and venues have been confirmed.