Tom Coleman was awarded the prestigious CMI Achievement Award at the Gresham Hotel on Weds 11 March 2015. Tom has been studying with CMI for over three years and has successfully completed the full suite of CIPS qualifications in Procurement & Supply from level 6 to level 8. He is the second person in Ireland to achieve the Professional Diploma in Procurement & Supply level 8.




Accompanied by his wife Sharon Coleman, Group HR Manager for Gresham Hotel Group, Tom was overjoyed and proud of his achievement.


‘I left school at 15 years old after the Group Certificate and had worked hard for 25 years, but knew I was at a disadvantage. I had no confidence, needed to do better and get a good qualification.  I had previously done a cert in procurement from the Irish institute of procurement but found most of it irrelevant (and waffle). After 2 years doing that, I felt hugely demotivated and couldn’t face continuing with them. A friend recommended I contact CMI College.


From the moment I started with CMI college I knew I had made the right choice. The CIPS qualifications were right on the button and it was all relevant to my job. CMI lecturers were really helpful and the text books are excellent.  The course has really opened up new doors for me in terms of employment opportunities, knowledge and support. I now have the confidence to take on any industry and apply what I have learned.  Achieving the CIPS qualifications, has really increased my chances at getting interviews’, said Tom enthusiastically.


Tom is currently Group Procurement Manager for the Tifco Hotel Group and is looking forward to new career challenges. In the medium term, he is considering progressing to do a Master degree in Procurement and the Professional Diploma will allow him direct entry to a range of top UK universities.  Watch that space…