Health and Safety Job roles and Courses

Health and Safety job courses are designed to lead to significant career advancement due to the industry recognition and qualifications offered from IOSH and CMI career qualifications.

Starting out in a health and safety career , starts with gaining experience and a type of apprenticeship although many organisations don’t call it that.  CMI, Communications & Management Institute, has set out a career guide for the key roles of the Occupational Health and safety profession.

Job courses in Health and SafetyThe key career roles are as follows:

  • Health and Safety Trainee/ Apprentice
  • Health & Safety Assistant
  • Health & Safety Practitioner
  • Health & Safety Officer/ Compliance Officer/ Auditor
  • Health & Safety Manager/ OHS Advisor / OHS Consultant

Choosing the correct level of qualification. Studying while working in any of these roles will enormously help and support your personal development and success.  Part time courses, one night per week, compliments on-the-job training and supports further health and safety knowledge.

Choose the organization and sector you wish to work in wisely. Different sectors have different degrees of challenges. There is higher demand for qualified health and safety professionals in the Construction, Pharma and Manufacturing sectors. Each sector has it own processes and every organisation has it own health and safety culture.

The Career guide in Occupational Health and Safety provides a pathway to working, gaining work experience while doing part-time evening qualifications.

Enjoy a long and highly rewarding career in health and safety and follow this pathway to success.

Health and Safety Jobs Courses – Career Pathway

Health and Safety Job roles Ireland

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